Friday, May 25, 2007

We are home......

That was not near as bad as I thought it would be. Rhett did really well, and decided that after some fighting with the tech that he would give up and be happy.

His oxygen saturations stayed around 94, one room air, so that means his meds are doing their job. Can I get a big WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I am so proud of the little fella! This will be the first time that he has been without oxygen since birth. It only took him 20 months to get there, but hey we will take it!

So now we just wait for the results and keep our fingers crossed that all is good. Here are some pictures of our little guy. I have had alot of questions about what happens during a sleep study, so I hope this helps prepare some of our friends for what their little ones will look like.

Best part is, is that it is pain free, which once Rhett figured that out, was ok with a million little probes and wires attached to him!

And here is some pictures of him after we got home, had a bath, and were eating breakfast....he has little round circles all over his body. He has such sensitive skin. If you look at it wrong it turns red!

But isn't he a doll anyways!!


Christina said...

I hope the tests come back great. He looks like such a brave little guy! Vince also has the really rosy cheeks :-)
Give your little man a big hug from over here!

Sara said...

Oh great new about the O2!! I love the last pic of you two!! Hope you get good results from the test

Kari said...

Keeping fingers crossed for good results!!
We are having one of these soon!

Jodie said...

That boy is just too cute for words. I am glad he is okay and off the oxygen! What a relief.