Friday, August 10, 2007

Good News!!!

We did Rhett's holter monitor test last weekend. As I have said before, Rhett seems to have some funky bradychardia episodes where his heart rate will drop down to the low 50's high 40's at night when he sleeps. His baseline heart rate stays around 62.

Well they were a bit worried about it, since in the hospital, when a child his age drops down below fifty, then it is protocol that they start chest compressions. Obviously they thought that it was quite possible that he had some type of heart blockage. I was told that Rhett may need a pacemaker.

So we did the holter monitor, where he wore it over the weekend, and we sent it back to the cardiologist. It was found that his heart is beating in sinus rhythm, which is VERY good, there is no heart block, and at this time, there is no need for a pacemaker.

Can I get a big HOORAY!!!!!

We are jumping up and down here. He may still need a pacemaker later down the road. His heart will never function normally, but every day that we are out of the hospital, and he is thriving is a wonderful day.

This will be our first winter without the Synagis (RSV) shot. We are crossing our fingers and toes that he will stay out of the hospital this winter. We definitely do not want any upper respiratory infections as Rhett's little lungs still have ALOT of scarring in them from the trauma caused by his aspiration pneumonia when he was overdosed. All of that acid from his tummy sitting in his lungs for so long just wreaked havoc on all of that tissue.

For now though, I will just sit back and enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my beautiful family

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Kei said...

HOORAY!!!! This is such great news Pam!!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer.