Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Love Boring Days......

Today was a great day. All of the kids were well, I am feeling much better. I got to go to lunch with some of the ladies in our local Down Syndrome support group, and then I sat around the rest of the day and played with my kids.

I love days like that. We didn't have any appointments, it wasn't rush here, then rush there, it was just a laid back day. I even got my cable bill all figured out after it went all screwy. WITHOUT a fight!! How often does THAT happen? Some days I get so sick of fighting for everything that I just want to crawl under a rock. But today, well today was just good.

I better find some wood to knock on, because Murphy's Law at our house is that if you have a good ol' boring day then brag about it the next 8 months will be hell. I hope I didn't just curse myself!!

Oh, and to top my day off, I got new Tinkerbell seat covers for my car. I have the best sister ever!! I know Tinkerbell sounds childish, but she has always been my favorite, every since I was a tiny girl. Then when Chloee discovered her, (I think she was around 3 years old,) she fell in love with Tink too. I bought her a dress, and she would put it on, go up to Andy, and say "Daddy, Make me fly!! I'm
INKERBELL!!!" Andy would pick her up and fly her around the room.

She is my girl. She still loves "Inkerbell".

Yeah, I love boring days.


Jessica said...

Boring days are the best!! Gotta have a break now and then!!

Kei said...

Love love love boring days.... except when there's a 9 yr old saying, "I'm bored! There's nothing to do" and despite the list of things you tell them is available, there's nothing they want to do!