Monday, September 10, 2007

Mr. Chubba Bubb.......

We started Rhett on Pediasure about 8 months ago. Why? Well because he was a shrimp to say the least. Born at a mere 4 lbs, and only 16 inches long. Now he is weighing in at 29.6 lbs, and 36 1/2 inches long!!

Last year at this time he was wearing 6 to 9 month clothing, and it was big on him. Now as we near his second birthday on the 7th of October, he is in a size 2t shirt, and 18 month pants. His torso is so long, he looks like he has a little froggy belly. Then he has these short little legs. No buying clothing sets here, it's all separates for us baby.

He has gained nearly 15 lbs since the end of December first of January. That is a HUGE growth spurt.

As for the Pediasure.....we will be keeping him on it for the time being. Although it is like liquid gold, after seeing the huge difference it has made, I will never complain about buying the stuff again.

Maybe with this extra meat on him, it will help him this winter so he is not so sick. How would it be not to be in the hospital this year? I don't think he will be getting his RSV shot because he has had it for the first two winters, which is all the insurance will cover. At 1500.00 a shot, well we won't be paying for that out of pocket. RSV shots have to be given once a month, generally from October to May. That's a chunk of change eh?

So as we head into the fall season, well this family is hoping for a very healthy two year old. I pray every day that it is not just a dream.


Christina said...

I hope he stays healthy and keeps the weight on! Cheers fr Vince

Kari said...

HURRAY!! We had a huge growth spurt here too!! Not only does Tristans development come in spurts but his growth does as well. He didn't grow or gain an oz for 2 years then boom 17 pounds in a few months. He is now 29 pounds. We have to buy all seperates here too! Here's hoping and praying Rhett has a fun and healthy winter this year :)