Friday, October 12, 2007

Did you know......

That October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month? Down Syndrome is also called Trisomy 21.

In honor of Rhett, I am going to follow suit of some of my fellow bloggers and post 21 things about our very special little guy.

1. Rhett has had an explosion of words over the last two weeks. He now says about 25 words and has over 40 signs.

2. Rhett loves to greet anyone that walks into the same room with a great big wave, a huge smile, sparkling blue eyes and a very enthusiastic...."Hiiiiiiii!!!!"

3. Rhett's favorite friend is Cookie Monster. He has a collection of about 9 of them and it's still growing.

4. Rhett loves to play tickle monster with Daddy. He has even learned how to move his fingers in the tickle motion on your tummy and say "tickle tickle", and when he says it he moves his tongue in and out like a snake. I don't care how many times you watch it, it gets funnier every time.

5. Whenever we go to Wal-Mart we have to plan at least an extra 15 minutes for the greeters to fall all over him. They know him by name, and he usually comes out of it plastered with 50 smiley stickers all over his body.

6. Rhett loves to bath. He will stay in it for hours if you let him. He doesn't like to play with toys while in there though. We just interact back and forth with each other. I would say that he has learned most of his signs while in the tub.

7. Rhett has the most sensitive skin ever. Even daddy kissing him with his whiskers makes Rhett break out.

8. Rhett has a lop-eared bunny named Tigger. They chase each other all over the house, and Rhett likes to pull his ears, and pat, pat, pat him.

9. Rhett's favorite food is pasta with tomato sauce and green beans...mixed together.

10. Rhett has only three shows that he shows any type of interest in. Sesame Street, Signing Time!, and Law and Order.

11. Rhett gives the best slobbery kisses around.

12. Rhett likes to sleep in the middle of mommy and daddy.....SIDEWAYS.

13. Rhett has a horrible fear of anyone in scrubs. If we pass someone in public wearing them, he usually spots them before us and ends up climbing up either Andy or I to get away.

14. Every time we walk through the doors in the Post Office Rhett sets off the alarms. I think it's from all of the wires and metal in him.

15. Rhett crawls on his hands and feet like a bear, and boy is he fast.

16. Rhett can be going 100 mph and then all of the sudden he is out like a log on the living room floor.

17. Rhett loves to go for rides in the car. If you ever just ask him what he wants and not give him a you want a cracker or bottle) he will always say and sign "GO!!" and stand at the front door.

18. Rhett hates any type of juice or water. The only things he will drink are pediasure, milk, and pedialite.

19. Rhett's brothers and sister absolutely adore him. They think he is the coolest kid to ever step foot on this planet.

20. Rhett literally brightens up any room he goes into. After someone spends ten minutes with him, they leave with a huge smile on their face, and a bounce to their walk.

21. Rhett is absolutely and udderly perfect in every single way.


The Banks Bunch said...

i loved reading this! My favorite is #12. i can just see him doing that. Hope all is well. think of you often.
Sam Banks, Tayte's momma

Niksmom said...

Very nice list. I am intrigued by #6. They say water is one of the most soothing sensory media for kids. I know Nik adores being in the water...but not if it's being poured on his head!

Tonya said...

I really loved reading this post! Rhett is such a cutie and I totally agree with #20. He has brightened my day just by reading his blog and seeing his adorable face.