Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And We Wait.....

For him to start feeling better enough to drink. He drank 4 oz of pedialyte in 12 hours, and has kept it down. They are going to hold off on his fluids for a bit this afternoon to see if he will get thirsty enough to drink a bottle. I have been giving him sips of his apple juice and sprite, but it's just not enough, and in all reality he is not awake enough to be into drinking a whole lot.

He is not so lethargic and his lips are wet again, he has peed all over me twice today, and I am so happy for wet diapers. He still has diarrhea, but it is calming down some. It's been 15 hours since he threw up last.

He is actually hollering at everyone that touches him, rather than just opening one eyelid and peeking at them. When we first came in he didn't even cry when they put the IV in, or when they took blood yesterday morning.

Our neighbor was discharged, and I am happy about that, wowza they were LOUD. I learned WAY more about these people than I ever wanted to.

Other than that we are just hanging out here, trying to steer clear of the cafeteria food as much as possible. Thank God for yogurt covered gummy bears and orange mango juice.

One last request, his respiratory rate is hanging out in the 33 to 46 range, so please keep him in your prayers that it will go down, and it is just that he's stressed. We don't want anything else to keep us here any longer. I really have my heart set on getting out of here on Friday.

Thank you so much for all of the thoughts and prayers. It means so much.

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Michelle said...

Still thinking of all of you. Glad that the vomiting has subsided a bit. Prayers regarding sweet Rhett's respiratory issues currently...and that you make it home to enjoy some turkey very soon. Many hugs, friend!