Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Have Food.....

He is offically eating applesauce. He keeps trying to con me into a cookie. Do you know how hard it is to resist those big beautiful blue eyes, and those cute chubby little hands signing cookie. Ya, well I want to see you try.

Not that I am going to jinx anything, so I didn't say this, but we might get out of here tomorrow.

I knew once he decided he was better it would be a complete 360. He seems to do that.

Our room is offically possessed. The TV turns on by itself, the bedside monitor turns off by itself, and the Oxygen turns on and off as itself.

My sister is loving on him right now, and he is watching Elmo. He's happy.


Stephanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Let me know if he gets parolled!!

Anonymous said...

prayers, Pam - glad to hear he's better -- Hope you get to take him home tomorrow -

Tamara & Shawen

RK said...

Oh it would be great to get to go home tomorrow! We'll be hoping and praying!

And we had a hospital room like that too with weird things happening when Braska was in for rotavirus. Maybe it's the virus!

Christina said...

We are just one step ahead (I hope) of you. No eating/drinking sucks!

Hang in there big guy!
And as for those shoes, they only come up to size 19 (European) whoch is abou 10 months... So most likely they will be too small for your little champ!


Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

I hope you get to go home soon! I am glad he is eating! I hope despite everything you can have a nice Thanksgiving. I am going to do your tag today. I was waiting since Thanksgiving would be a good day for it! Hang in there.