Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MRI Date......

Well we have a date for Rhett's MRI.

He will go in on the 21st of December. We will probably stay overnight again for observation. It kind of just depends on how well he does with his surgery on the 5th.

Usually he is pretty hyper-sensitive to the anesthesia, and needs a few breathing treatments after being intubated. We have our reservations at the hospital just in case. It would be wonderfully amazing if we didn't have to stay, although I am not getting my hopes up, just due to the fact that he has been sick. Also, his lungs are still healing from that aspiration.

Any time he gets any type of bug he gets a tight cough. Just his little body doing what it needs to to recover. I took him in to the doctor yesterday for a follow up from the hospital. His lungs sound great and he is looking and acting really well.

He is all clear for his surgery on the 5th. Hooray!!!

You know, I am so thankful for the fact that he is a really solid little boy. I think the fact that he is a little on the fluffy side helps him stay a little more healthy. He is such a strong little guy. He's not overweight by any means, but for a two year old with Down Syndrome, and weighing in at 30 lbs, I think that's a good size. He has come leaps and bounds since he had his heart surgery.

It's so hard to believe that he was only 7 lbs at 5 months old. Now he's a M-O-N-S-T-E-R!!!

I was putting Hunter's new school pictures in the picture frame last night, and I took a stroll down memory lane. When I got to his two year old picture I was amazed, Hunter and Rhett could be identical twins other than Rhett's hair is more red than blonde, and Hunter's was so blonde it was almost white. I knew that they looked alot alike, but to see the two of them side by side was crazy.

Now, on a totally different subject:

Last night we had a very sad event at our house.

Remember this?

Remember how this is his favorite toy ever, and how he spent hours and hours in it?

Well, last night it popped. Not sure what happened, but I do know that it will not hold air on two sides now. I have tried to find the holes, but to no avail. It's dead.

Poor Rhett is traumatized.

I pulled the balls out of it, and put them in a box in hopes that we will be able to replace it soon.

Rhett keeps going over to where it was and signing all gone.

It lasted a year, and we definitely got our $30.00 out of it. I would buy another one again in a heartbeat.

But, until then.....

RIP Ball Pit.

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Kei said...

Ahhhh... we had a ball pit that went kerphlooey after much play. William quickly discovered the joys of throwing the balls down the stairwell. And trying to see how many he can get into the hanging pendant lamp in the stairwell.

glad Rhett is doing so well. Will be keeping him in my thoughts & prayers when he goes in for his MRI.