Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And Now for the Drama of the Day.....

Rhett hasn't been eating well for a while, since he had his bronch done last Wednesday. He mostly has only wanted Pediasure from his bottle. Last night I decided that since he loves Potato's I would try to entice him to eat some solids.

Apparently that was a bad idea.

After the second bite he started choking. I'm not talking about the pat him on the back choking. No this was the turning blue not getting any air choking. I ripped him out of his high chair, dumped him upside down over my knee and started pounding his back.(thank you CPR classes at the hospital!!!) After a couple of times it dislodged, but rather than flying out of his mouth, he took a huge breath and you could hear him suck it down.

Can you say scary?

I almost had Dakota call 911.

So anyways, about an hour later he was sounding really icky. His stridor got really bad, and he was coughing a really junky cough. I decided that I would hook him up to his O2 to see if that would help. It did a little.

He went to sleep around 11 pm and I kept him in bed with me all night. You could hear him wheeze, but his sats were good on 1 1/2 liters of O2. (Baseline is 1/2 liter for him) I decided we could wait till morning to go to his ped. Andy wasn't home, and I didn't have anyone to watch my kids so I could take a trip to the ER.

First thing this morning I called and got an appointment for his regular ped. We got in there and I told him what had happened, and he ordered a chest x-ray, listened to him, and decided that he had an aspiration pneumonia.


So now we are on Clyndomyicin, and Augmentin for the next 10 days. We go back on Wednesday to see if he is doing better with the oral antibiotics, if not we may just get admitted for IV antibiotics. Of course we are to go straight to the ER if he gets any worse.

We are still waiting on the results of the Chest x-ray to see if there is any potato in his lungs that they need to go pluck out. The hospital was crawling with people who needed x-rays, and they were really backed up. We might not hear anything till tomorrow since it's 6:00 and I am sure his ped is long gone for the day by now.

This poor kiddo just cannot catch a break. I feel so bad for him.

On a lighter note, thank you so much for all of the stroller advice. I am going to start researching it, and work on sweet talking medicaid. With any luck we will have a decent stroller by the new year!!


RK said...

My gosh! You have to just shake your head at times and wonder if you're losing your mind! I'm so sorry he's got to deal with something else!

Marla said...

I am so sorry getting back to solids has been anything but easy. Nothing seems easy, does it? Poor kiddo! Hugs and Prayers!

Niksmom said...

Aw jeez, Pam! THis made me cry with frustration for you all. I *know* the feeling of wondering if your kid will *ever* catch a break! He will, I promise you...and when he does it will be a big one!

Keeping you in our prayers and hearts over here. xoxo

P.S. FWIW, Nik didn't start walking until 3 1/2 months before his 4th birthday. Now, he is freaking unstoppable!

Kaden's mommy said...

What an ordeal. Poor baby. I couldn't even imagine something like that and to be by yourself when it happened. It's amazing what your brain tells your body to do in such horrible situations. Good thing we have them to rely on and not just our hearts!!! I hope he starts feeling better real soon. Take care, Amy

Emily said...

Oh dear! Poor Rhett! You are an amazing mom for acting so quickly and saving the day. I hope that nobody has to go searching for potatoes.