Saturday, December 15, 2007


If it's one thing I have learned on this journey since Rhett was born it would be that life is so fragile, and sometimes it is just downright not fair.

I have met many families that have lost loved ones all too soon. Annette, whom I have known from the T21 online forum, and by reading her blog, is on her way back to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

She fought cancer back in 1984 and won. In 2006 she was diagnosed with it again, and has fought long and hard. My heart breaks for her family, and for her two little boys that will loose their mommy. For the husband who has stood by her valiantly through this. For all of the friends who's lives she has touched beyond measure.

Please pray for this family that they have the comfort needed in the days to come. My prayer is that they will be able to spend one last Christmas together as a family, and that she is pain free on her last days on earth. When the time comes I pray that her passing is sweet and serene, and she is embraced by Heavenly Father's loving arms.

Thank you Annette, for teaching all of us so much.


Dragonstar said...

Hi. I came here through Damamma's blog, and I've stayed to read. You have so much trouble, but your family is worth all the effort you put in - and I know it is effort! Keep going, keep surviving as a family. Love and loads of hugs X X X X X X

Sustenance Scout said...

Just visited Annette's blog through your link, Pam. Thanks for sharing. She's been through so much. K.

Marla said...

This is so sad. Prayers. Hugs.