Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Potato Harvesting for Us!!!

The chest X-ray came back with no chunks of potato in his lungs. Can I get a big PHEW?!?!?

He is responding very well to the oral antibiotics, although he hates taking them, and runs away from me whenever he sees me getting his syringes out of the drawer. How did he get so smart?

While we were in visiting with the Dr. I had him watch Rhett walk. He did think that there is something wrong with the way he drags his right side. He watched Rhett crawl around, and said it has nothing to do with his hips. He has really good mobility in them, as he moves them really well.

The Dr. seems to think it has to do with the brain, probably damage from the overdose, where this is something new. But he also seemed to think that it was something that could heal over time where he is a baby, and constantly getting new brain cells. (Not loosing them like his crazy mommy!!!)

That was so encouraging. I love hearing things like that!!!

We also are working on a adaptive stroller. We found one that we like, and he will be able to be transported in, for when he goes to preschool. Although he could walk at anytime, he will still need a stroller because of his Pulmonary Hypertension. It doesn't have a basket, but I am thinking that I can have someone make a holder for his O2 tank.

His physical therapist is really excited to get this for him. We have talked with Medicaid and they are going to pay for it. His team of doctors all agree that this is something we really need for him. Now it's just a matter of all of the paper work being put together and getting it through!

I think this will be great. We have gone through so many strollers, and his wheels just keep breaking because we use them so much, and he is gettin kinda fluffy!

My back will be so happy!


Kei said...

Yay!!! No potatoes!!!! That's awesome. Get well soon Rhett!

Hugs Pam.... smooches too.

Marla said...

Yes! Good work! I will pray for very little red tape! I am so glad his lungs are clear. That is a great idea to have someone make a tank holder. Can't wait to see it when you get it all ready.

Emily said...

What a relief!

Kari said...


Kari said...

I meant potatoes LOL I read somewhere someone aspirated corn HEHE I'm tired ignore me!

Mayte said...

I am sooo happy that he doesn't have the potato in his lungs. Congratulations for the new stroller.

Niksmom said...

Yay for no food in the lungs!

On the O2 holder...ifyou are getting the stroller through M/C and they are using a local provider for DME (durable medical equipment), talk to the DME provider directly about adapting the stroller. Usually they do all kinds of modifications on stuff. Ours added an IV pole and clamp set up to Nik's stroller base for his seating system so we could attach his feeding pump when we travel. Make sure you get the letter of medical necessity to state that the stroller needs to accommodate X-size O2 tank (E, H, I forget the designations it's been a while!); this way M/C will have to pay for it NOT you! We also had them add a tray since Nik wasn't sitting independently at the tiem we got it (2 yrs ago). Feel free to email me if you want any help, ok? :-)

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

So glad they didn't find any potatoes. Yay for the new stroller!