Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Andy and Rhett Update.......

And, if you're really good at the end there is a really "COOL" Rhett video at the end.

First of all, here are Andy's blackmail pictures.....

This is his "I can't believe I am actually going through with this look...."

This is him telling me that this is what he is going to look like after surgery when they come and ask me to identify the body......Can we say Drama Queen?

And here we have him with his "panties" on his head. When he came out of anesthesia he thought he had panties on his head and was asking everyone to take them off, as well as ripping the oxygen off of his father like son. Rhett won't keep his oxygen on either. Boys.

Now for a serious update on how he is doing. He is ornery as can be, and bored out of his gourd. He feels much better than before he had his surgery, but is weak. He wants to be up and doing things, but knows that he needs to take it easy. He hasn't taken ANY pain meds since last night around 5 pm. This from the man who was popping tramadol and loratab like it was candy for 9 months.

I keep telling him that he has a zipper just like Rhett now, only his is on his back and Rhett's is on his chest. Seriously, if anyone wants to send their husbands over to play, go for it. He is going to drive me crazy from now until the first of April.

Now Rhett's update.......

We talked with the surgeon who did his hernia surgery, and here is our game plan. On the 13th we go up to Primary Children's to the ENT Clinic to chat with the doc about the Cine MRI results as well as possibly taking the tonsils and adenoids out. Then the next day on the 14th, (yes Valentines Day) we get to drive up again and check in to inpatient admitting, get all cozy in a room, and then have a 24 hour PH probe. They will stick a tube down his nose and it will measure the acid that comes up. We have stopped his reflux meds, and I am telling you this is going to get ugly. I am in for no sleep for the next week.

Then on the 3rd of March we check in yet again, this time for an Upper GI, then off to visit with the surgeons, for the possible Nissen and G-tube. Sounds fun huh?!? That being said, you all are probably going to think I am crazy for asking this, but please pray that we find that the reflux is the underlying problem for all of this stuff. I don't want them to look at me again, and say, "I have no idea why your son's pulmonary pressure's are so high." It scares me to death when there is no cause that they can find. Reflux is treatable, and darn it, I want some answers!!!

So after all of this happens, then we will do a heart cath to see what meds he responds to best for his Pulmonary Hypertension. What a great February and March, no?

Anyways, enough of the dumb boring stuff, Rhett learned a new word tonight!!! Andy is always saying, "that's cool" about everything, and Rhett picked up on it while eating dinner. I handed him a green bean and he said, "COOL!!"

So here is a video of him, as well as showing of some other words and signs. Oh, and his adorable big sister joined in as well!!!


Mike & Rebecca said...

That is such a great video, thanks for sharing it with us...he is so good with his signing. Good luck with Rhett's his appointments...and for Andy's recovery.

Much Prayers,

Mike & Family

Marla said...

Yes! You deserve some answers. There just has to be some. I totally understand that the reflux would be a much better answer.

I love the pictures of your husband. You both have such a fantastic sense of humor with this surgery and all the stress your are under. What an inspiration you are to me and my husband! I am so proud of you both!

I hope that your hubby is able to stay rested. I am so amazed he is not taking pain pills! Tramadol is a tough drug to stop taking, I know that from experience. I was on that for quite a while and began to think I had to have it. I hope his pain level continues to be low and tolerable. What a trooper!

My prayers are with you. Thank you for taking the time to support me and pray for us too. I do feel this support going back and forth between the bloggers and it is so wonderful.

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

that video is so darn cute! I can't wait til Tayte gets big enough to do all that. We'll be thinking of you the next couple months. Tayte has to go have a sleep study so maybe we'll come visit up at pcmc.

Marla said...

The video is adorable. Your daughter Chloe is so beautiful and happy. Are those bruises on his cheeks?

Looks like he is doing pretty good with signing and words. He has such a precious smile!

How cute when Chloe says she loves you from under the high chair. Made me grin the whole way through!

LSalvucci said...

I have to say I love your son! I work with awesome kids who happen to have some different abilities, mainly autism. Through my work with them I have had the opportunity to see kids learn lots of new words some spoken, others signed. Every time I see a kid say a word or sign a word confidently for the first time or asked I could never be prouder! No matter what age the child is, to see communication develop, to see a kid try and try again till they get it, when many doctors said they wouldn't yet or maybe even ever; I truly cannot imagine a better thing. Rhett is absolutely adorable! He will be proving people wrong for years to come!

Also I had the same pulmonary pressure thing before my niessen. I was older when I had the surgery but I had suffered from all sorts of throat and lung infections due to the reflux of acid. I hope if acid is Rhett's issue that he has as much success from the niessen as I did.

Lots of Love

RK said...

You're handling all of this so well! I hope it all goes as smoothly as it can. Answers would surely be a good thing!

That's a great video of him signing! I can't wait til Braska takes more interest in signing. We need to be more intentional about it I guess. It's so encouraging to see him do so well!

Melissa said...

That was the cutest thing i saw all day! Dang Cute! Good job mom!
Melissa Andrew - IHH

Lily said...

Okay, Rhett is just way to cute!!!

Sustenance Scout said...

Pam, I agree that your attitude and sense of humor (and Andy's too) through all this are just amazing. It's so great to hear the hope in your "voice" as I read these posts. Also wanted to let you know that Matt, a sweetheart of a blogger over at Empathy ( wrote about Rhett and your family earlier this week. So many people from all over are pulling for you guys! Hugs from Denver, K.

mom2noah said...

Rhett's Cool video , was exactly that "COOL". He is so adorable I just want to give a big ole hug. I will continue to pray that you find the answers needed to get Rhett on the healthy path. The above entry about Andy was hysterical. How do you do it? Hugs Hugs Hugs are coming your way. Terry

Damama T said...

How can I add anything to all the great stuff that's already been said. You know you impress me more than I can ever express.

A sense of humor and a lot of love is worth more than a ton of gold. And in those ways, you are rich indeed.

Keep smilin', beautiful!


LYLIN said...

I read about Rhett over at Matt's blog. You have wonderful kids and you're such a strong person going through all these trials. I put a link on this blog and I hope it helps spread the word around. I wish you all the best. :)