Friday, February 8, 2008

Another MRI......

Argh! Apparently we have to get an MRI done on Rhett's spine. This time on the 22nd. Again he will go under general anesthesia. This all has to do with his right side dragging. Why oh why didn't they think of this when he had one done almost two weeks ago?

Let's review how the next three weeks are panning out for us....

Wed. the 13th we go up to PCMC for our appointment with the ENT.

Thur. the 14th we go back up and check in for a 24 hour PH Probe. We should only be there overnight if things go as planned.

Then on the 22nd we go back up to PCMC for another MRI.

Then on the 27th we have a pre-litigation hearing with the hospital to see if our case will stand up in court from Rhett's overdose.

Then on March 3rd we go up to PCMC yet again for an Upper GI and then as soon as we are done with that we go up to the surgeon's clinic and talk about the Nissen and G-tube.

After all of this is said and done we are supposed to do his heart cath to see what types of meds he is going to respond to for his Pulmonary Hypertension. His pressures are so high that the cardiologist has told us to plan on staying in the PICU for 24 hours afterwards.

Oh, and the 13th of Feb, just that day alone I have the ENT appointment, first thing in the morning, I have to drive back as quickly as possible, (it's about an hour away) and be back in time for an IEP for Dakota at his school that afternoon. Also in the midst of this Andy has his follow up appointment with the surgeon to have his stitches removed. Sorry honey your on your own on that one!

I wonder if I'm going to have time to even shower when all this is said and done, and who knows what all of the new tests and appointments will bring. I am so sick of all of this. I just want everyone to leave my poor little guy alone, and for him to be healthy.


Megan said...

Your little guy will definitely be in our prayers with all his upcoming procedures...I hope that they can find out what's wrong and give you some good answers.

I admire your strength with having to go through all of this with your son. What an awesome mom you are!

I just watched Rhetts video's...he is seriously so stinkin cute!! I can tell he has a lot of personality, what a doll!

Michelle said...

Ditto what you said, sister! I am praying that April is mild for you, okay? If not, try to make it so. I have vowed to do so anyway. As always, Praying For Rhett!!!

Marla said...

I am tired, no...exhausted just reading your schedule. Not to mention the stress you must be feeling. At least you are getting a lot accomplished in a short period of time but I certainly do worry about you. I hope somewhere in there you can get some breathers for yourself. I am praying you get some answers for Rhett and of course that everything goes well. Hugs.

rachel said...

You need a personal secretary just to keep the schedule straight for where everyone needs to be! Thinking of you and your family! Hang in there!

Kari said...

My heart is just breaking reading this :( A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you and sweet little Rhett. Your in my prayers. (((Many Hugs)))

PS:I'd like to put your button for your blog on mine can you give me the code?

Debbie said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and that post wore me out! I hope you all get some answers. My daughter has trisomy 9 and a g-tube since shortly after birth (16 months now). I was terrified of one at first, but they're fairly easy to deal with, care-wise. It's a PITA when she moves, kicks, or pulls at it when you're trying to pour milk, but that's the biggest hassle.
Don't forget to take care of yourself! It's so easy for us to put ourselves off for last!