Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Owe So Many People Thank You's........

First of all this kid is amazing me with all of his new signs. Just today I went to snap a picture of him, thinking he needs a haircut, and I realize that he is signing Grass. I thought it was cute that Rachel is in the background signing it. He was saying it without the "G.R" in front of it, and I thought oh, no what has his daddy taught him now, but then I realized it was grass.....Phew!!

We are so blessed to have so many friends who love our sweet little boy. Over the last few days we have received so many kind gifts from people wanting to help our boring days being home bound and hooked up to a pump seem a little more fun.

I don't have pictures of everything, but I do have some. Thank you to Niksmom and Nik for sharing some DVD's with us. Rhett has watched Kid's Favorite Songs 2 at least a hundred times the past few days.

Thank you to Zoey and her mommy for all of the Wonderful new books!! And to a special friend Ann for some new books as well. Rhett is LOVING THEM!!

Then today Rhett got some new Dinosaur Friends from some other amazing friends.....

Here he is signing Dinosaur....

This one he is just making it eat. He LOVES these things, and since we are working one imaginative play as one of his goals, these are great. They have been eating my feet all day long. He is such a two year old little boy.

Also thank you to Karen for her book that she sent me to pass my boring days. I have been doing an extreme amount of reading lately, and I can't wait to dig into One Sister's Song. As much as I enjoy her writing on her blog, I am excited to read her book.

Again, we are so blessed with all of the love and friendship that we have been shown. We will forever be paying it forward as our lives come back together and we jump over our hurdles in our lives right now.

Thank you so much for the prayers, for without the prayers we would be nowhere. It is the prayers that lift us up and help us make it through our days.

Andy has a job interview tomorrow. Because of his back he has to do a major career change, so please keep us in your prayers that we know when the right job comes along. He has put out so many different applications in so many areas, and just doesn't know which avenue he wants to pursue. Of course he will take whatever he can get for the time being, so that we can pay the bills.

He is umpiring softball again for 4 hours a night, and doing tournaments on Saturdays when they are available. He was hurting alot all last week, as it can be quite physical, and it makes me proud that he looks beyond that, and only thinks of his family. He is an amazing husband and father. We are so lucky to have him.

I know I have said Thank You, but really, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

The Bird Flock


Anonymous said...

He is looking so much better. I am so glad people are sending you such wonderful things for Rhett and a book for you. Fantastic! Rhett has the most beautiful hair.

~Melissa~ said...

Go Rhett!! He is looking so great! i hope that Andy finds something quickly and it's something that he's happy with too.

Chris said...

Rhett looks great; he is such a boy! Hope Andy's job interviews go well, and that a great job comes his way soon.

Niksmom said...

Oh, Good Luck Andy!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Those pictures of Rhett looking soooo much better and happier are thanks aplenty! Glad he's enjoying the vid's.