Thursday, May 15, 2008


Thanks to some wonderful folks, and one of the cutest little girls I know the prize package for the Imagine Benefit for Rhett and Parker is even bigger!! Click here to read about it.

But first of all let me share adorable little Jacqui with you.

This is the conversation that she had with her Mommy, who is the one that has put this whole thing together......

“Mommy, I wanta do artist drawings to help doze boys who’s very sick too.”

“Ok, why don’t you draw them each a picture and we’ll see if we can mail them to Rhett and Parker.”



“No! I needta do drawings in picher frames jess like you so you can put dem on da ‘pewter to help dem jess like yooooooooouuuuuu!”

“But, Jacqui…”

“It’s portent Mom!”

“But we don’t have any more picture frames…”

She handed me the phone with a grin, “Oh, dat’s easy… call Daddy an tell ‘im we need some more!”

I dialed while she giggled with glee and hopped up and down.

“OK,” the budding young artist declared while clapping her hands together like an authoritative production manager, “Now I need some paper.”

I handed her some paper off the computer printer. She scowled. “What?” I asked.

“Dat’s not gonna work! I need reely reel artist paper to be an artist, Mom!”

I cringed as she eyed my sketch pad. Then I sighed. What better use could there possibly be for a sheet of quality artist paper? None. I started to tear off a sheet as she shook her head and held up four fingers. Apparently she had a series in mind.

“I’m gonna do four pichers… jess like you!”

I handed over my sketch pad and she nearly burst with glee as she ran from the room to start her project. The rest of the day was spent making her drawings ‘just so’.

She asked me tonight as I tucked her in, “Mom? Are doze boys very sick like me, wen I was in da hoz-pittle and couldn’t breave so very well?”

“Yes, Sweetie. Parker has a trach just like you did and Rhett has had a hard time breathing too.”

“Do you think my pichers will help pay da doctors so dey will be all bedder very soon?”

“Yes, Sweetie. I’m sure of it.” And she pulled the covers up with a giggle.

“I’m so very glad, Mommy.”

And this is the finished product. I was in tears reading this post, and knowing that Jacqui has such a heart of gold, and she herself has been through many trials with herself. If you donate just 5.00 you will be entered to win this adorable set of photos, as well as make a little girl feel very happy that she is helping out two incredible little boys.

I don't know about you, but we would love a Jacqui original!!

There are also two other great prizes now as well, two beautiful 8x10 photos, and a wonderful book written by Karen from Beyond Understanding. I can tell you right now it is an amazing book, I read it in one day and couldn't put it down!!

Also don't forget to get your books ordered from Jessica and Joey!!


little.birdy said...
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Carla said...

That is sooooo sweet, I was in tears reading it. What a precious little angel! Praying for you and for your little ones, especially Chloee and Rhett.

I also will put your blog spot address on mine. I absolutely love it, it is easy to get wrapped up into reading it for hours. Rhett is so scrupious, I just want to squeeze him so tight!! : )

Carla, MWP

Michelle said...

hi. I was speaking with someone who mentioned your son to me, I am trying to help parker with a fundraiser, they mentioned a dual fundraiser and I said I hadnt heard of you. So today I went looking, saw you on T21 online, and found your blog. He is beautiful!
I wanted to ask if you would email me privately.
I have a product that I would love to send you that we discovered when my daughter was a newborn in the NICU, it is an adhesive that WILL keep his cannula on without hurting his skin at ALL. If you email me your addy, I can send you some to try? It is a miracle product, somewhat reusable, waterproof, is a gel versus an adhesive. Let me know!