Friday, May 16, 2008

Our First Visit to the Chiropractor......

First of all, Parker is having his pull through surgery on his little tooshy today, this is a major surgery. Please keep him in your prayers, and if you get a second, head over to his blog and let his mommy and daddy know you are thinking of them.

Chloee did really well today at her appointment. We got there and he kind of felt around her neck a bit, and let me know that the top vertebrae is totally out of whack. He is not sure if this will work completely, but it's worth a shot.

They warmed her neck all up and then massaged it for a minute, stretched her a bit, and then tried to slip it back into place. She giggled the whole time. Everyone was falling all over her. She was the only little kid in the whole place, so of course she got all of the attention. Well, her and Rhett of course.

We go back on Monday to see how she is doing, and re-evaluate everything. She is really stiff right now, and can't move it a whole lot. I just gave her some Motrin, and her and Rhett have made a bed in the living room and are watching Aladdin.

I must give her credit, she has been such a trooper with all of this. She can't do much, and even playing with toys after a while starts to bother her. I feel absolutely horrible that she is missing her last two weeks of Kindergarten. This is the funnest time.

What a sweetheart she is, and growing up so fast.

Rhett is doing fairly well. I took his oxygen off of him yesterday because he has a rather large sore under his nose from it. It lasted about half the day, and his saturation's stayed around 97, but towards the evening, he started getting those black circles around his eyes, and his coloring was off. It amazes me how pink and healthy he looks when he has that little boost of oxygen in his body. He also pulled his feeding tube out. I couldn't figure out why, because he normally leaves it alone, but after it was out, and I took the tape of his face, I realized that he had a rash and some hives under the tape.

That explained it.

I reinserted the tube on the other side, put some hydrocortisone cream on the side that had just had the tape on it, then gave him some Benadryl. His face looks a bit better today, but he still has his normal redness.

I also think we have found a happy medium for the laxatives. It took some tweaking but we are now no longer changing 6 diapers a day, and my house smells much better. On top of that, I do believe that he got a very nice cleaning out of his intestines during this trial and error period.....and I got the privilege of doing 10x the laundry than normal. In a house of 6 people, that can amount to alot of laundry.

Alot of laundry.

Also, if you get a second, head over to Little Angel Gabi's blog, and meet her new little sister Kinsley. Micah and Jason are the proud parents to a very beautiful baby girl born on Wednesday. Oh my goodness she is a little love muffin, and I am sure Gabi was just tickled to send her to her mommy and daddy! Congrats you guys!!


Ann said...

Your daughter is an absolute doll! Praying that she won't need surgery.

Marla said...

I am so glad the appointment went well. I have a feeling the chiropractor will be able to help her. How are you holding up? I imagine you are a bit tired!

Hugs and Prayers.

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

Hey! Glad Chloee got that neck looked at, I was worried. I just wanted to say that nathanael gets dark circles around his eyes and is whiter than a ghost..I never knew it'd be from lack of O2...though it stands to reason! I noticed when he's tired or ill it's really pronounced...wonder if I need to follow up on that?? With him not having any major physical problems this has gone overlooked..learn something new every day!

Hope Rhett continues to do better and better and Pam? I hope you're doing well too... {{{hugs}}} Kitty

Michelle said...

Hug that girly for us...and Rhett too...and one for you as well.

Michelle said...

Hug that girly for us...and Rhett too...and one for you as well.