Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Weekend......

Typically on Memorial Weekend we head up to my MIL's property and celebrate a loooong weekend. However this year we are planning on doing a whole lot of nothing.

Why you may ask?

There are quite a few actually.......

1. With Andy's new job they are having a big sale this weekend, that means he is working today, tomorrow, and Monday. No time to take off now!!

2. Chloee's neck is still bugging her. Not a whole lot, but enough that she is still bugged by it.

3. With all of Rhett's medical issues since March, I don't think he is well enough to be an hour away from a hospital. He has had a slight fever the last two days, and we are watching him closely. So far he acts as though nothing is wrong.

4. It's nearly impossible to take Rhett camping with all of the equipment that it takes to keep him going these days. We don't have enough portable tanks to go away for 4 days and 3 nights, and our insurance only covers 4 a month. We have already used 3 just going back and forth to Dr. appointments. Then there is his feeding tube, syringes, the pump, the bags, it's all just too much to pack, and I can't exactly keep them sanitary when there is no running water.

5. If Rhett gets to running around outdoors too much, he still wheezes and has a hard time catching his breath. I don't know if this is from the RSV still, him aspirating from his reflux or what. But it's not worth it to take him too far.

6. We also want to keep Rhett healthy for his surgery coming up in 3 weeks.

So this holiday weekend will be spent just hanging out around the house, trying to catch up on my pile of laundry, and maybe rearranging a few rooms in the house.

Hunter has a friend staying the night tonight, after I went through the usually OCD interviewing of his dad..... "Has anyone in your house been sick, Has anyone been around anyone who's been sick....." I am sure they think I am a freak. Even so, The boys are banned to the basement in Hunter's room with the PS2 and The Game Cube, and some DVD's as well. They have plans to stay awake all night, we'll see how long they last.

I have breaded pork chops cooking in the oven, and they smell heavenly, I tired a new onion cream sauce on them this time, and I am excited to taste it. I just baked some potato's, and I think it will be yummy on them as well.

That being said, what are YOU doing for the Holiday Weekend?


Stephanie said...

We'll be working shifts fixing up the old house to sell. I can't take Ralphie there because of the mold and dust. I found grafiti there today - looks like someone has been breaking in!! GRRRRR. Have a super weekend!

Sis Sarah said...

Well I'm 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, so really praying we get a baby this weekend.

And Now I live in Missouri and we have medicaid but 4 tanks a month is totally ridiculous!!! We get 10 b tanks, 10 d tanks, 10 E tanks and I can get new ones each week. I'd be making sure that it's not medicaid that is being so stingy but maybe your HHC/DME.

Hope you guys have a fun but quiet weekend!!!!

Niksmom said...

Ditto what Sis Sarah said about the tanks...I'd sure check that one out. I mean, there has to be allowances for increased need if necessary, right?

We're having a quiet weekend, too. Niksdad is working every day except Monday. Might BBQ with some friends then. Oherwise, Nik and I are just hanging out.

Anonymous said...

I would like to come to your house for porkchops and onion sauce, but we'll perhaps go to the little local zoo. It is a great perk when the husband is also the zoo vet and we can go behind the scene's-literally, last summer he had to go out to stitch up a monkey's butt...Jayne in WI

Anonymous said...

I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend. You deserve it! Sometimes hanging around home is quite nice. Except for the working part. Bummer.

We are throwing a 40th Wedding Anniversary for my parents tomorrow. That will keep me busy.

Stephanie said...

Today, friends of ours from OKC (we met during Aiden's heart surgery) are coming up and we mommies are taking the kids to the zoo. Chris is working.

Tomorrow and Monday, Chris is going fishing. But Aiden is still too small for the germies, so we'll be staying home and working on BuddyWalk things.

Oh and the bloggy contest starts Monday, so I'm doing some posting.

My Three Sons said...

Hi Pam,
Just wanted to stop in and see how your family is doing. Carson was in the hospital Sunday and Monday doing a PH Probe and I know this is shocking but he picked up a virus while there. So, are plans look a lot like yours. We are going to stay in and do a little bit of nothing. Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend and get a little well deserved rest.


The Bryant Family said...

a whole lot of nothing...check us out. I have vacation this week as well, so spring cleaning and deck building. Todds kids are coming up and we might camp one night. we will see how the weather holds up. Enjoy your home time... Hugs

Kyle, Aimee & Ava said...

Sometimes it's more fun to stay home then to go somewhere for a holiday weekend. This is the first weekend we have stayed home in a couple of years and it has been nice to be home. However, it would be a lot nicer if the weather would warm back up!

Childlife said...

Your plans sound pretty much like ours -- hope you've had a nice quiet weekend for a change!