Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Count Down To Moving Home......

We went to our house tonight, some people from the church were over working on the back yard and side yard that has become a jungle. I really need to get over there and clean......but first we have to come up with money to get the water and electricity turned back on, kinda hard to scrub toilets with no water........

I took Rhett with us, and I cannot believe how much he has grown since we left. He was able to maneuver all of the stairs in the house without batting an eye. When we left we had gates all over and had to watch him so carefully. He is such a big boy.

He walked into his old room, sat in the middle of the floor and said, "hooomme" (Picture your best ET voice when he is saying this....WAY funny.) Then he walked into his bathroom and says, "Miiiineee!!!!"

I can't believe how smart this kid is. He remembers. He knows where he belongs. As we were outside weeding flower beds and such, it was so nice to see all of the neighbors stopping by asking if we were coming back home. Before the night was over we had an invitation for dinner. The kids were running around the neighborhood, Hunter was showing off his Rip Stick, (he is the biggest show off ever.....so much like his dad!!) and Chloee was over at her best friends house.

I really want to go in and paint the kitchen, sitting room, and hallway going upstairs. It needs it so bad. I also want to go on a big fat vacation but we all know that's not happening. I don't think I will have the time to get it painted. We already have the paint. I just need like 15 hours more during the day. That's all.

We should be completely moved by the last weekend in July.

Rhett is doing better today. He has had ZERO medications for pain. No Tylenol, no Motrin, nothing. He is running around like a wild man. I hate though that he asks for crackers and I can't give them to him. He wants to eat, but he can't, and he doesn't understand why.

This morning I woke up feeling like I couldn't do this anymore after the drama of yesterday, but now I am feeling better. I just need to get used to it. That's all. I have dealt with so much already, what's the deal with a stupid G-tube, right?

We also got the OK from his cardiologist to come off of oxygen during the day. Who could not be doing the happy dance hearing those words? Now Rhett has his back pack for his feeding pump that he wears because he is on continuous feeds, and he is a free man!!! No more leashes except at night. I can totally handle that!!

Well he does need to get used to his back pack. It's tiny, but he still is a little top heavy with it on. I will take pictures of him tomorrow. He looks so cute.

Please remember to keep little Elaina and Teagan in your prayers. Thank you Brytten for the blanket. Rhett will not go anywhere without it. You guys are so sweet.

We owe so many thank yous to so many people. There are really not words for the gratitude that we have. I know I don't thank you all enough. But please know we love each and everyone of you, and appreciate all that you do for us. Especially the prayers. There is so much to be said for those prayers. Rhett would not be where he is today without those prayers.

He has touched so many lives. Many people tell me that we are so strong and that's why we were chosen as Rhett's parents. I couldn't disagree more. I think God knew how weak I was and gave me Rhett to strengthen me. I am a totally different person than I was two and a half years ago. I wouldn't change one bit of it, for if I did, I would not be where I am today.

Again, thank you, more than words can say, thank you.


My Three Sons said...

That is great about your house. Looks like everything is falling into place. I couldn't be more happy for your family. Your family has been through so much and I pray that you have nothing more than smooth sailing from here on. As far as the painting, I think that could turn out to be a fun project after the kids are back in school. Until then, just enjoy life to the fullest!!

Thinking of you guys,


PS I think my receptionist told me that your day of beauty is up to about $50.00. We still have about 3 more weeks left so there is some more good news for you....

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

congrats on moving home and rhett doing so well.

Now for g-tube advice that has worked for us...
I hate it. Sorry to be a downer but i do...still. I remember at first the hole was HUGE and looked awful but it gets better. Tayte has had his for almost a year now and i still have to change it 2-3 times a day because his skin is so sensative! i go through 2x2 gauze, mefix tape, and barrier cream like crazy! i have to tape the gauze to his belly and it seems to help with the redness. have you been "venting" it- getting a 60 mL syringe and pulling the air out of his tummy. they didn't tell me about that- one of my nurses did about 2 weeks after syrgery. Because of the nissen Tayte can't burp and this really helped with his discomfort. that might be why it is gurgling around it. try it! sorry so long- just some thoughts. give him loves for us!
Sam and Tayte

~Melissa~ said...

That is fabulous news about the O2! I'm so glad things are going a bit better for all of you. I can't wait to see the moving back home pictures!!

Jen P said...

Hey Pam. I'm so excited about your getting your house back. I get teary just thinking about the joy you feel. Rhett is one smart cookie! I'm planning to go through the kids clothes over the long weekend to send you some onsies. How long will he have to wear onesies? I can send some other things too if you need it. Just contact me at pinkpowerhouse at gmail.

PS. I don't know how many ASD readers you get through here that don't already visit my site, but could you add me to your blogroll when you get a chance. (please no obligation or hurry).

Kele said...

Pam, I am praying for your Lil man and for you! I keep up with your blog and I can just tell by what I see and read that you and your family will get through this. What an amazing, lovely family you have. You guys are SO BLESSED to have each other. Take care and stay strong knowing so many people are thinking of you guys!

Becca said...

Wow, Rhett is such a little smarty-pants! I love it!

Congratulations on your upcoming return home!

I'm not the praying sort, but you're all in my thoughts often. :-)