Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thank You.....

For the opinions on Rhett's stoma. Now I will quit worrying about how icky it looks. I guess I just expected it to be perfectly healed by now. It's good to know that it looks normal. I didn't expect it to be so gooey and gruesome. It's not as red as it was last week since we switched from the Baza cream to the Desitin. I almost think that the Baza cream was causing some irritation.

The Desitin smell reminds me of him as an infant too, when he was really tiny and on so many meds that we slathered his bum in Desitin all the time. That was just his smell for the longest time. I remember holding his little grapefruit size head in the palm of my hand with his legs going up my forearms, and just loving on him. He was so tiny, and that's exactly what he smelled like. Desitin, and New Baby smell. Funny thing is, that he has never really lost that new baby smell.

My favorite thing about the Nissen is that he doesn't smell like baby barf all the time now. Isn't that just wonderful?

He has the sweetest sent to him. The kind that you can't resist just taking a nibble on his neck or cheeks. Espescially now that there is no more tape there. Oh it's so wonderful. He is such a snuggle bug, and he smells like a slice of heaven.

Okay, I gotta go love on him now..........


Anonymous said...

Yes! The cutest snuggle bug I have ever seen. I caught up on your posts. Hang in there and sending prayers for lil' Rhett.

Imsavimsa said...

I know the feeling. To be able to stroke or kiss your childs cheeks for the first time in many months. Not having a ng-tube or nasal cannula taped all over the face. Just a sweet clean fantastic face to touch and kiss!

Kind regards,
Mia mom to Victor (Noonan syndrome)
Aland Islands, Finland

Kele said...

Your Rhett is such a cutie...I had to watch the video of him talking twice!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Sorry, I've been slacking on reading up on little Rhett! I looked at the pictures of his stoma & to me they looked great! Vaeh had a PEG tube that looked just like his & that redness is a good thing somewhat. If it were bloody read is when you have to worry. We never used any cream, but I always put a 2x2 split IV sponge around it to 'catch' any goop that seeped out, & now she doesn't need anything. Just the little mic-key!

Hope you had a great 4th of July! Take care & I'll try to keep better tabs on y'all!

Tina & Vaeh;0)