Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Signing Time, Vol 3 &4.....

Yesterday we had the chance to preview the new Baby Signing Time DVD's that are scheduled to come out in October. Can I just tell you WOW?!?!?

I was so excited to go to my mailbox and find our screeners waiting for us. Rhett and I sat down just before nap time and watched it. At first he was happy when he heard the little giggle, and the "It's Baby Signing Time!!" then as the DVD continued to play and he realized that it was different from the ones he has seen before, he literally jumped out of my arms and yelled, "My ahchal!!" (My Rachel) then signed "Happy!!:

He was glued to the TV the whole time and he was signing right along, even doing new signs that he didn't know!! We loved the song "Strollin" and have been singing it for the last two days.

I have a book that I have made for Rhett of pictures that I have taken of all of his Signing Time DVD's so that he can show me what one he wants to watch. I didn't have a picture of the screener so he kept slamming the book shut, throwing his hands in the air and saying "Where Go?" When I walked over to the shelf that the new one was on and aksed him if he wanted Baby Signing Time he would sign "YES!!" up and down as fast as he could then go plop himself in front of the TV.

Volume 3 was his favorite for sure. It had to do with outside stuff and Rhett is really into outside things right now.

He didn't know the sign for "Outside" but picked up on it very quickly, and now keeps begging me to go outside. Of course you can't resist a two year old who has just learned a new sign, so we went outside for a walk and sang "Strollin" the whole time around the block. Rhett giggled the entire time. Every time we passed a tree he signed "tree," then looked at me and said "Wahyvin!!!" (Waving).

We sang about stars last night before bed and went out to look at them. I'm not sure if he could see them due to his vision issues, but he was pointing at the sky and signing stars, so he understood the concept.....I'll take it!!

I am also excited about Volume 4 and the fact that it teaches opposites. This is a lesson plan that I have been working on for his home school. I was super excited to see a song on the about opposites, because in all reality, no matter how exciting my lesson plan is, being able to incorporate a song from Signing Time is what is really going to get his attention and help him to understand the concepts better.

Even my older kids came home from school and were excited to see a new Signing Time. I just can't get over how amazing the Signing Time organization is. These DVD's are some of the best they have made for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

So my opinion? As soon as these DVD's are released GO BUY THEM. You will not be disappointed I promise. It's just going to be another incredible tool to help your child communicate with you, and will give you the chance to learn some really fun new songs to sing!!


Michelle said...

Ooh! I'm so excited! I just emailed my mom this morning, suggesting these for Ruby for Christmas! Glad they get a good review from Rhett!

Niksmom said...

Can't wait 'til we get ours, too! I was so excited to have an opportunity to review them. :-) SOmething tells me that Nik will really enjoy them, too!

The Bryant Family said...

I cannot wait to get ours. How clever the book with the pictures of the dvd's in it to let him pick. Tucker loves Leah's Farm...but I am very anxious to get these new screeners. Oh and the 9-13 series. :) Signing time is an awesome organization....I love the signed picture up top, and again,, the picture of Rhett with Rachel (how sweet he calls her his Rachel) it says sooo much about what these kiddos pick up from the videos. Love love love them.

The Bryant Family said...

I meant to ask, are they the full length or are they a short few mintues of the new dvd's?

Barbara Manatee said...

We just got screeners in the mail today but didn't get home until too late so haven't watched them yet. Will check them out this weekend. I'm even more excited after reading your review!!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

First of all, I loved the video of Rhett and the cereal. I could not help but smile the whole time. I CAN NOT get over how CUTE he is. I wish I lived closer to you guys so Kaden and him could get together to play.

After reading your post about the new signing time video and how much Rhett is learning already, I have decided that I really need to start buying them for Kaden and put them on gift lists ideas for his grandparents. I have two and he has seen two others, but I have really been to relaxed on getting thanks for the unintentional kick in the butt : )!!!


Kei said...

We loved them! William kept wanting to watch 3 over & over again~ and laughed about the bugs!

He didn't even get to watch 4.. he was too busy playing, but Robert & I did~ love love loved it!

Can't wait until they come out so we can get them.

My Three Sons said...

Dear Rhett,

Carson is sooooooooo jealous.

Love Us

CC said...

Congrats on making the top 10 review. :)