Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Stuff......

This is what I get for messing around on facebook this morning. Yes, I know these are the same pajamas from yesterdays post. I just washed them yesterday morning, and was too lazy to walk the basket upstairs and put it away. Then when night time rolled around I thought, "Hey look there's some jammies in that basket, I don't have to go upstairs to get them.....score!!!"

Also, don't ask me about the whole caveman look, apparently when your spinal cord is all fixed it makes your fine and gross motor skills blossom, which means you learn how to strip. I have never seen Rhett so happy and full of life, nor have I ever seen him get into so many things and cause so much destruction. He is simply amazing. I look at him in awe each day amazed that he is still here with us.

This mess was created in Daddy's chair, and we had to video it to send to him. Only the mom of a child (or children) with special needs would realize how cool this is that your child is healthy enough to make a mess, and grab the camera to record the memory.

Also, watch towards the end of the movie at how high he is lifting his legs. He could NOT do this 3 weeks ago before his spinal surgery. It amazes me the things that he can do now with those legs. I bet he could totally wrap them around his head if he wanted to.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing family. I wouldn't trade our lives for anything. It's so fun to watch my kids grow up. Each one of my older kids does so much around the house to help me. Even Chloee pitches in and helps with extra chores. I always hope that they don't grow up to resent the fact that Andy and I have had to put so much time and energy into Rhett and his medical issues.

I try the best I can to make sure that they all know that they are loved equally, and each one of them holds a special place in my heart. Rhett has brought so much joy to their lives, and I really think that they are better kids because of everything they have been through.

Granted no child should ever have to go through or see what they have.

It has all been worth it though because Rhett is on the road to being healthy, and soon we will be able to do things that typical families do. It's going to happen because I belive.

How could I not believe in a face like this?


Imsavimsa said...

It must be truly wonderful having him free from all the tangling cords and letting him eat stuff that he likes! Go Rhett!

Niksmom said...

LOL! I always grab the camera, too!
Wow, Pam, if I didn't know Rhett's history I would never guess from watching that video! AMAZING! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those two still photos, too.

little.birdy said...

Hehehe...what a cutie! He's already planning his next mess in that second photo. ;)

Mommaof2 said...

So what's wrong with wearing the same pj's?! Especially if they're cute ones like that!

I know just what you mean about those "normal" moments & getting them on film! I don't know how many pictures of a messy Vaeh after eating! I've been waiting sooo long for her to eat that I don't care how big of a mess she makes - its just fun to see her being "normal".

He is such a cutie pie! How could anyone resist that face! Hope you all have a good day!

COOLWHIP said...

Welcome to my world..... I can not keep clothes on Eva, and nothing gets done. I follow her around "undestroying" Just so she can start again.

My Three Sons said...

Cute as a button. He is so dang funny. Carson was watching the video with me and decided to throw his lucky charms. Thanks Rhett.....we love you!!!!
Pam, good luck cleaning all of yours up. I was lucky, Carson only threw a few and the dogs took care of it for me.

Michelle said...

Go, Rhett!

Can I just tell you? I love him. I just do. He makes my eyes all teary, he's doing so well. I hope I get to meet him someday & give him a great big hug.

Mrs Wibbs said...

He is wonderful!
YOU are wonderful...
And so what that they're the same jammies??!?
I'm soooooo glad he's doing so well, Pam, what a superb success story :)
Love ya
Mrs Wibbs xoxox