Monday, September 1, 2008


Ah, it's true, home sweet home.

We actually were discharged yesterday, but you know how life is, busy and crazy. We came home to Chloee having strep. She is going to be the star of the next surgery at our house. Those darn tonsils are coming out soon. This is the second time she has had strep since school started.

Since we don't have insurance for her I have been trying to put it off, but the way things are going we keep putting money out for Dr. appointments and antibiotics, so we better just get the surgery done. Her tonsils are constantly touching her uvula, even when she isn't sick, and they have been like this for two years at least. So when they get inflamed she literally can't swallow anything without throwing it back up. Poor girl. I feel so bad, but she really hasn't had any issues with infections or anything until she started going to school so they didn't want to take them out.

Now she has finally hit enough infections that they are ready. Too bad they couldn't come to this conclusion when we had insurance for her though. Ah well, such is life in our family.

Rhett is doing really well. He is having quite a bit of swelling at the base of his back. He looks like someone stuck a tennis ball in the small of his back. He is quite bruised as well. But do you think it's slowing him down?

No Way!! Not my boy!!

He has been up and running around and jumping off of the couch. He is also dancing to Signing Time! and hopping like a frog whenever he watches hopkins. I have tried putting in a different DVD other than the Leah's Farm one, and he keeps going to his box and pulling it out. He says,
"Here ah go." then sits and waits until I put it in. This really is his favorite DVD of all time.

He is absolutely loving his big screen TV. We watched Cars on it today, and he thought that was pretty cool. I need to find our Ratatouille DVD and put that on for him. He loved that one when we saw it at the dollar theater. He doesn't get so excited when I put these movies on for him, so I can kind of keep him under control, where as with Signing Time! he goes nuts. He is loving it all so much.

I still have a ton of pictures but I am waiting to finish up the series of them by taking a picture of him with all of his stuff that he got. As soon as I do this I will email them to Make-A-Wish, and they will send me the pictures that they took as well. ( They are holding them ransom until I send the pictures of him with his TV!!) :)

I feel like I am totally not with it right now between lack of sleep and the fact that I have been going non stop for over a week.

Life is good though. Life is really good. I know we will still have some hurdles to jump, but I am so happy with the way things are going. Rhett has a very strong will, and he is going to prove every Dr. wrong that said he wouldn't make it to his teenage years. I just know it.

Even with his latest Echo, we still need to be very careful with him this winter. He still has alot of scaring in his lungs from his overdose, and they still need some time to heal. He can have all of the time he needs and I will stay indoors again this winter. I know that he will get better.

He is going to be three in a month, (My BABY will be THREE!!!) and for his birthday we are going to try and save up to get him one of those Little Tykes or Step Two slides with the little things to climb on. Something like this.

That way we can put it in our living room with his TV, and he can still run around and have fun without running the risk of getting sick from a public playground. That and he will be able to develop his gross motor skills now that his spinal cord has been released.

The Neurosurgeon told me that he should really take off. Apparently there was so much tension that he was surprised Rhett was still walking........That's my boy, Just pushes through everything without complaining. He is such a superstar.

So I promise pictures are coming, this week. Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday. But Soon for sure.

Thank you again for all of the prayers for Rhett. We would not be where we are today without them, and all of your support for our family.

Lots of Loves,

Pam, Andy, and Family


My Three Sons said...

Well I left a comment on yours and then left and went back to my blog. After I posted a new one, I saw you left a comment from my Saturday post. So I have a new post as well. Funny how great minds think alike. They only upside to yours is you are two hours earlier then me. I still have homework.

Anyways, I'm so glad your home. We also have every Signing time video and Carson goes back to the same few ones as well. It must be something only those two can understand.

I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks but I'm going to try to get a full week in at work this week since I'm way behind on paperwork. With that said, I will be cutting checks and yours will be the first. I got your e-mail so I will be mailing it this week. Is a check okay or would you rather have a Visa card? Sometimes I like that better and I can leave all the kids in the car and pay at the pump at the gas station. So unless I hear, I will write a check.

Anyways, I will be checking in and don't show me up and get your pictures up before I can get mine:-)
Kaci and Carson

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

So glad you are all home!

Niksmom said...

Yay! Let's hear it for home sweet home! I'm so sorry to hear Chloee is having such trouble w/tonsils. OWIE!

I can't say I am at all surprised that Rhett is being such a tough cookie! Something about our special kids which makes them extra-resilient!

Get some rest...and post those pictures soon!!

Michelle said...

You know that I am so happy that you're all home! So, let's plan Chloee and Nora's surgery at the same time, okay?! Nora is still in bed, with blood on her pillow from the darn ear drum "thing." Hug Chloee for me - it is hard when the healthy ones get sick. I know it's hard here anyway - we dote on Elliot and Isaac so much, then wham, Nora's ill and no one knows how to handle it. And I hear seems to bring out illness in everyone. We're all sick, and the school season only started on 8-20~

In any event, I'm so happy that Rhetters handled it all so well. Elliot did too and I just knew Rhett would come through with flying colors. Strong baby boy! Woops, I mean strong "almost THREE year old." YAY!

Love you and holler if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Seems like things are on an upbeat tempo for all of you(minus the strep). I haven't been home to see your blog but like what I read and look forward to seeing new pics of Rhett. From his #1 fans in WI-Jayne & Wyatt
PS-Wyatt will be 4yr on Oct.12 & he's at 4k today!!

Anonymous said...

{{{{{HUGS for Rhett}}}}}}

Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

What a blessing to be home! I am so glad to here Rhett is being his crazy little self. I sure hope Chloee gets better soon, no fun being sick anytime, let alone when it is summer time!

Sending you lots of loves, hugs, and continued prayers!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of catching up to do. So much going on with Rhet.

Thank goodness the surgery went well. Sending you prayers and hugs. The birthday gift sounds like a great idea!

Djinni said...

As far as I know CHIP is still in open enrollment, it's not the best, but at least it is something. Chloee is so cute, I loved getting to know her a little at Rhett's party. I feel bad for her. I have a small Little Tykes slide that you can have for FREE if you want it. It is really too small for Isaac. When you are up here again I will give it to you if you want it. PLEEZ get some rest, you must be exhausted. I wish I lived closer so I could help more. My family just loves Rhett and enjoyed his wish party so much. I'll keep praying for you all. Love, Djinni

Anonymous said...

Glad he is home . I was wondering how he was doing. You can try freecycle and ask for a slide. I got some things on there. I got clothes for Abigail. You maybe able to get some.Carol&Abigail

Anonymous said...

Glad he is home . I was wondering how he was doing. You can try freecycle and ask for a slide. I got some things on there. I got clothes for Abigail. You maybe able to get some.Carol&Abigail

Anderson Family said...

Pam and Rhett,

It was so good to meet you this weekend. Rhett is sooo cute!! We picture Carter being just like Rhett in a few years!! We probably won't be able to slow him down either - he will probably be all over the place. We will have to get together sometime.

Have a great day!
Alan, Kristi, Parker, Ashleigh & Carter Anderson

Mommaof2 said...

So glad you're all home & things are going well! Now you'll really have your hands full chasing Rhett around!!

carolyn q said...

When I made it in your direction to visit at PCMC on Sunday. . .I was told you were discharged. I must have just missed you by minutes!!!
So . . now I will come by to visit you at home and see what a wild man Rhett is. I am glad that he is home and doing well.
I am sorry about Chloe and her tonsils. . .as I am headed down that same road soon with Nathan.

Heart Hugs,

Becca said...

Great news! Welcome home!

Christina said...

Glad all is well!! better stock up on the popcicles for the ya all cousin christina

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

So glad you all are home! Give Rhett a kiss from us!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Welcome Home Rhett!!!!

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Hey Pam- came to see you at the hospital and you were gone! So glad to see you were home!
I think about you and your little flock all the time.... hope all is well with you! Cant wait for Halloween myself!
Much Love,