Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If You Want To Take A Picture.....

Chances are you will want to create a good setting for that picture. If that picture includes a big screen TV and lots of DVD's, Books, and Flash Cards, then it is going to lead to putting the TV in a better spot.

But when you put that TV in a better spot, then the recliners and couch will have to be moved so you have a wonderful viewing experience. When you move these items you will find all of the candy wrappers, popcorn, M&M's, binky's, and socks that the kids have stashed under them.

Then you will have to vacuum.

After you vacuum, chances are you will look around and see that the toys that belong to a certain little boy, now need to be moved to make your living room look just right. When you go to move the basket, you will realize that he has way too many toys, which will lead to sorting through them.

After you sort through them, then you will have to post them on Freecycle so that someone else can love them just as much as your little one did. While you are on Freecycle, you will start reading some blogs. Which will lead to reading of more blogs.

Before you know it the kids will be home and want some snacks. Then you will need to make some sandwiches and chocolate milk. After that you will look down into the living room and realize that all of your little boy's drawers full of medical supplies, diapers and wipes, needs to be moved as well. As you move them, the top will come off and spill the contents all over the floor.

The little boy will be in heaven as he grabs gauze, feeding tube extensions, oxygen tubing, Mefix tape, (unrolling the WHOLE box) and diapers and flings them everywhere as fast as you can pick them up.

After grabbing the Mefix he will run with squeals of excitement to the other end of the room with his head down.

Since he is not watching where he is going, chances are he will run into the wall head first, fall down......and laugh his head off.

After you have a heart attack and make sure no stitches are popped, and the little boy doesn't have a major head injury, you will roll the Mefix tape back up, put all the drawers in the right order and put them in the corner where they belong.

Then it will be 7:00 and you will realize you haven't even started dinner yet. So you sigh and decide on Spagettio's since it's fast and it's getting close to bed time. While the kids are eating dinner you will take some time to yourself and go down to the office and blog about your day......once again reassuring your faithful readers that there will be pictures soon.

After dinner I think I am going to take a picture...........


Niksmom said...

ROFL! Well, at least you are maintaining your good humor! :-)

Mommaof2 said...

A day in the life of Pam... how do you get anything accomplished?! (lol) Sounds like your having fun trying to take this picture - can't wait to see it!

Tina & Vaeh:0)

Sustenance Scout said...

OH MY, Pam! I stop by to say thanks for your very (!) sweet note on Jodie's blog about my book and realize I've been away much too long. I'd say poor Rhett but it sounds like he's doing incredibly well. Hope EVERYONE in your house is in tip-top shape very soon. Maybe then you can take a few photos. :) Hugs from Denver, K.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am sure it wasn't as funny living this day as it was reading it. Maybe it's just the way you wrote it, but it was very cute. I am glad Rhett is feeling well. I hope that Chloee starts feeling better!!!

My Three Sons said...

Well I gave Carson to his dad tonight so I can say that my day has been so much calmer than yours. Your the hero for the day. Hope tomorrow goes a little smoother for you.

BTW, what did the doctor decide to do with Chloee? Is she going to keep her tonsils? Don't forget Carson gets his taken out on Oct 16th so we can pray for each other!

Take Care,

Kaci and Carson

amy said...

I could not help but giggle as I read through this post! Let's just say, I hear ya sister!!

By the way, I was so happy to read that Rhett is doing so well. He's adorable and so is your blog.


Mrs Wibbs said...

hahaha!!! this is hilarious! It is such a good description: I now have a very accurate picture in my head of how your day developed! And of daily life in your home - sounds about as chaotic as it is in mine!
Anyway. Glad he laughed, and glad no stitches popped...phew!!!
Now all that's left for me to say is: LOOKING FORWARD TO THOSE PICTURES, BY HECK!!!

Kei said...

Well, I suppose if I MUST wait for pics a little longer...... oh, ok... Rhett's worth it! Hugs to you and that almost 3 yr old!