Saturday, September 6, 2008


Rhett and Chloee and I wandered around the mall today. BIG mistake. I shouldn't have gone to the mall with the Disney Store in it.


Because they had their Halloween costumes in. I know, Halloween is almost 2 months away. But they were soooo cute.

Chloee is going to be Tinker Bell from her outfit that we got when she won her princess makeover. I am all about saving money and just using her dress up clothes. We did however buy her a new crown.

Dakota and Hunter....who knows what they will be, they usually don't choose until the last second.

Rhett? He is going to be Buzz Light Beer Buzz Lightyear.

He loves Toy Story. Buzz and Woody,("A Guy," and "Huzz") as he calls them, are really cool in his book. He has Buzz and Woody beanies that he sleeps with every night.

I couldn't pass up the costume. Really, I couldn't. I mean seriously, don't you think he will make the cutest Light Beer Lightyear around?

Oh, and there WILL be professional pictures done soon. I plan on getting shots of him in his costume when we do his three year, (EEK!!) pictures on the 7th.


Imsavimsa said...

Hi Pam!

Have you heard of Dan Drinker? It's a wonderful blog about two brothers that make documentaries about Dan's life. Dan's 23 with DS, and his brother Will is 22, no NS. Absolutely wonderful movies about the life of a very special young man. Go to and let love fill your heart.

Kind regards,
Mia, mom to Victor 1½ yrs (Noonan syndrome), Aland Islands - Finland.

My Three Sons said...

I took Coltan to the mall today to buy him some clothes since he has grown like 4" since last year and again, nothing is fitting him. So I'm walking around and thinking to myself, Gosh, everyone has already put out Halloween decorations and it's barely Sept. Then I come home and play catch up and what are you talking about? I just cannot believe how fast this year has gone by.

Carson really likes Toy Story as well. So see, Rhett and him could get along so well if we just lived closer. :-)

Take Care,

Kaci and Carson