Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am- A total Blonde....I loose anything and everything, including my mind.
I want- A house with No reptiles in it.
I have- 4 amazing kids, and an awesome husband who is really more like a kid......
I wish- Rhett would stay out of the hospital for more than a month.
I hate- My house being a dump...which means I must hate my house alot......
I fear- That I am going to wake up with that damn missing corn snake on me in the middle of the night....or anytime for that matter
I hear- Zoey 101.....Lord help me.....
I search- The house on a daily basis looking for the things I have lost.
I wonder- If Andy is going to realize that I put laxatives in his soup tonight for revenge<----Totally kidding.....
I always- Eat Healthy....Pfthhhh, yeah right!!
I usually- Wear my hair in a hat because I really hate long hair.
I am not- Going to end up in a rubber room with no walls...I promise!
I dance- Like a CrAzY chicken.
I sing- Way too loud and probablly too often too!
I never- Imagined my life would be so cool.
I rarely- Do laundry until it's a mountain high enough to sled down.
I cry- When I realize that there is a loose snake in my house.
I am not always- A crazy pycho person....I actually can be sane as well.
I lose- My mind, my keys, my phone, and the kids shoes way too often.
I'm confused- Pretty much all of the time. It really doesn't take much.
I need- *Sniff Sniff* A Shower?
I should- Be helping Andy move his dragons into the office but am blogging instead.
I dream- You really don't want to know what I dream, trust me.
I TAG- Anyone who wants to do this.

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