Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Morning At Our House.......

Rhett slept until 10 am....SWEET.

Upon waking up he went to his dresser/plastic bin and pulled out his Hopkins shirt and asked me to put it on. I put it on, and go to take his Cars pajama pants off and he freaks out. Okay, fine with me Hopkins and Cars it is.

He asks for some crackers....Spongebob cheez it's for breakfast and a bolus of Pediasure. Easy enough.

Put him in his high chair and he asks to watch "Ahbob"...good enough, it's Saturday morning. Spongebob has to be on SOMEWHERE. Find Spongebob, and go make me some Yucky favorite cereal.

Eating my Yucky Charms in the kitchen listening to Chloee, Hunter, and Rhett singing "OOOOHHHHH, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" Life is good.

12 pm I am thinking that I need to put some actual clothes on Rhett because I might go to Target today. It's freaking COLD here so I pull out some 2T pants from our closet and a 2T shirt from last winter.

Go to put it on him and notice the pants are a bit, who am I kidding. they look like they are painted on!! He sits up and his belly is just hanging over the front of them. He looks at me and says "Squisssshhhhhhh" and puffs his belly out.

I am thinking that if I just put his shirt on and he doesn't sit too much today we should be okay.

The shirt is a button down shirt one of my favorites, and I can tell this isn't going to work. After it is on he sits down and the buttons all bulge open, his cute belly is coming out everywhere..

Sooo....I peel his clothes off of him and put his Cars pajama bottoms back on, and his Hopkins shirt with a long sleeved onesie under it. Guess I HAVE to go to Target now.

Moral of this story? G-tubes really DO work when you are trying to put weight on your kid. Doesn't hurt to add a little miracle grow while you're at it either!!

Oh...I almost forgot. We have been working on saying Blue's Clues, he has it down now..."Boo's Boob's" I think him and Andy have been having some chats when I am not around. Thanks Dear.


Lily said...

Too funny!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

LOL... I know how you feel about the 2T clothes. I thought that at least a few of Ava's clothes from last year would still fit... boy was I wrong!

Anonymous said...

oh Pam, I hope you got a package today! or hopefully by monday! (so glad he has a belly now, but it shouldn't be hanging out in the cold!)


Pam said...

No Worries Debbie...I knew you were sending it, so I just went and bought him a couple of pairs of sweats and sweatshirts from Kohl's today...They were on sale for super cheap, and I had a grand opening coupon!!

I was going to go to Ross, but then realized Kohls was open this weekend!! Wa Hoo!!

We will probably get the package monday, like I said, no worries...

We are supposed to get like 6 inches of snow tonight!! YIPE!!

The Bryant Family said...

Pam, let him wear whatever. Today we went around in pajama bottoms and a onesie buttoned over the bottoms. CUTE HUH? OH well. I do not fret when we are at home. We could have chocolate all over our face (which we did for most of the day) and crusty goop in our hair---who cares!! IT IS THE WEEKEND.
It must be in the air cause tuck slept until 9am today as well. WHOOOWEEEE if I just could have gotten myself out of bed before him but i slept right beside until he got up. I could have gotten so much done while he was alseep. OH well. :)

My Three Sons said...

Carson can still wear 18 months in his waist. But his length is 24 months. So I had to run out and buy him all new clothes or he would look like he was preparing for a flood.

Kohl's, oh how I love that store. I'm always finding good deals there.

I wish I could see Rhett in his hopkins and cars. I'm sure he was looking very cool.

Anyways, I hope your weekend is good.


Becca said...

Boo's Boobs!!!! LOLOLOL!!!