Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Eyes, Dentists, and Cowboys.....

Like Rhett's Black Eye? He woke up with it yesterday morning. He must have really clunked himself on the guardrails of his new bed the other night. He has actually done really well with it. I thought that we would have issues with him falling out. But so far he has only fallen out about 3 times.

I always prepare for the worst when I switch things around on him, and he always surprises me by adjusting so well. He is such a good kid.

We went to the dentist today, and as we knew he is going to have to have some work done. A few caps and some teeth filled. Mostly molars since his rotten teeth are a result of his severe reflux. We are hoping that since we have done the Nissen, and he isn't refluxing all night long that his teeth will stay healthy.

He will of course have to be put under anesthesia. No way he would sit through the work. He might stay overnight, just depends on how he does. He doesn't go in until the 12th of January, so just something to look forward to. Cause you know we LOVE spending time in the hospital....Pfthhhh, yeah right.

Rhett was all dressed up in his cowboy duds today. He wore his little cowboy sweater and his boots. Isn't he a cute little cowboy?

He kind of looks like a hobo though. His hair is getting seriously shaggy. Time to take him in and torture him get his hair cut.

Today I am thankful for the Signing Time! CD's that keep me sane while sitting in traffic for two hours on the way to and from PCMC. I am also thankful that gas has gone down. This going up to SLC once and twice a week would be hurting us a lot worse if we were still paying over 3 dollars a gallon.


My Three Sons said...

WEll Rhett is still cute with or without his black eye. I think he just looks very tough!

I love the cowboy outfit. He is so darn cute!

Ann said...

He is just too darn cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Black eyes or not, we still Love Rhett!!

Happy Thanksgiving Pam, Rhett, and the rest of the Bird Family! I hope you have a fun, relaxed, and *healthy* Thanksgiving!!