Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doing Better

Rhett's fever is gone for now and his O2 levels are stable. Right now we are trying to get him to eat, but they are weary about giving him his solid foods....which he is pissed about.

They want a swallow study done before he takes any food by mouth because he has had so many pnemounias. My thoughts on it? I think it's from the damage to his lungs from his overdose. I don't think he has any problems with his feeding. I have seen when he has issues, and I am telling you he doesn't have issues.

So anyways, consensus is that since I can do everything for him at home that they are doing here, and I am an offical nurse mom, (does that mean I get paid?!?!?) then we can possibly go home this evening.

That's one thing I love about winter here is that they try to shove him out the door as soon as they can so that he doesn't catch any of the horrible nasty bugs that are floating around.

The last thing they are doing is another urine sample. He had 12 red blood cells in it last night, so they want to make sure they aren't over looking something with his kidneys.

It's amazing what some IV fluids and some IV antibiotics will do. So send us lots of going home vibes.

He is still sick, don't get me wrong, he has an awful cough and tons of snot, but I think him having a fever made things just super bad. Especially as bad as it was.

Kaci, yeah we had a call about 8 am from billing. You want the truth? I ignored it, and every other one since then. I am sure they will send one up sooner or later.

I will update later this afternoon with the home verdict.

Today I am thankful for IV fluids and antibiotics. We would be hating life if we didn't have those. :)

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Kari said...

I'm happy to read Rhett is doing better!! Sending love and prayers!