Saturday, November 15, 2008

Final Verdict

Pnemounia, Kidney Infection, and an Ear Infection. Now that they know exactly what is going on, we have a whole slew of antibiotics on board, they have switched them to his G-tube rather than IV, and we have a ton of follow up appointments next week to do.

BUT we get to come home. We are just waiting for another 1/2 hour to make sure that he tolerates his feed of pediasure that he just got. (Which I am sure he will, because he has been eating yogurt and potato wedges as well.)

....And we are on our way home!!


Ally in Wonderland said...

Yay! He's coming home! That's fantastic news!

David and 'Becca Black said...

I'm glad they know what's wrong, and you know what to do. But I'm so sorry he has these things, and all at once too!

Kari said...

Poor Baby!!! At least he can be home though! Hurray for supermom extraordinaire/nurse. Because your such an awesome mommy your baby doesn't have to stay admitted. YAY for you. Hope you can get come decent sleep tonight!

momtojesse said...

I hope he gets over this stuff fast. Poor little guy goes through so much. Hugs to you both.

My Three Sons said...

Sorry, today was day 15 so Carson and I got out of the house and just got home. We are off of house arrest and we only have a week before surgery again. So with that said, I'm playing catch up. I'm glad they waited until 8AM for you. That was nice of them.

Tell my little guy he better get well soon for my cuz I don't like seeing him sick.

How is Chloee doing in the midst of all of this? I hope her medicine is taking some of the pain away as well. Tell Koda and Hunter to stay good so mommy can get so rest. Sounds like your going to need it.

Take care.

Shari said...

I am glad they found out the problem, but my gosh, poor baby! I am praying he heals quickly.