Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig....

I used to love it when my grandma recited those words to me. They always made me giggle.

Today I am giggling for a few reasons. Mainly because we are HOME. That in itself is a huge thing. But also because we had awesome Attendings, Residents, and Interns this go round.

The resident that came in last night, he was awesome. I guess it was early this morning since it was 2 am, but this is how our conversation went.

Resident: "How are you doing?"

Me: "Eh, I'm fine."

Me: "How are you doing?"

Resident: (As he looks at me with one eyebrow up,) "Do you really want me to answer that?"

Me: "Sure why not, I answered my question."

Resident: (Plasters on a HUGE fake smile,) "I'm GREAT!!"

Me: "So now that we know that we can lie to each other, tell me how sick my kid really is."

Resident: "Oh okay, well really I have no idea why you are here, look at him he looks perfect!!"

(As Rhett's passed out on the bed bright red and a human fireball.)

Me: "Yeah that's what I thought. We like to just come up here and hang out with cool people like you."

Resident: Laughs his head off.

Nurses: Who were quietly sitting in our pod are all laughing their heads off now as well.

I guess things are just funnier when it's 2 am, your dead tired, in disbelief that you are being admitted again, and are starving from not eating all day.

Then this morning we had the attending come in that totally looked like he just stepped out of the ocean with his surf board.

Picture: Mike Meyers when he plays on Wayne's World/Surfer Guy.

Every time I talked to him and finished a sentence he would tuck his hair behind his ears and say, "Okay, Cool."

Man oh man, I thought I was going to bust a gut.

He was really good with Rhett though, and made sure that I knew that we could stay if I didn't feel comfortable taking him home as sick as he still is. It was nice to know they weren't just shoving us out the door, but that they were confident that I could take care of him at home.

We also had great nurses this time around. Discharge has never been faster.

Apparently I have either become immune to rounds and the hospital life or everything finally caught up with me. I slept with Rhett in bed last night and apparently when they came in and did rounds this morning, Rhett was awake and talking to them and I was ......snoring.

Guess I gave surfer dude a good laugh.

Hey, when you're tired, you're tired. That's all I'm saying.

Carey from Dream Big, who just happens to be mom to the beautiful little Chelsea who is Rhett's girlfriend, won the Buffalo drawing. Some would say that she had an unfair advantage since Chelsea has fought leukemia over the past year, and counts have kind of been her life, but she was the first one to answer the question right, and I didn't leave any fine print, so Carey, it will be arriving soon.

Rhett and I are off to bed for the night. My other kids are still with my sister until tomorrow, so it's just the two of us until Andy gets off of work later tonight.

We go in for another blood draw and urine sample on Monday, and we also need to set up another swallow study to see how he is doing with his solid foods. They want to check to make sure that his Nissen is doing what it should be doing, and then they want me to go back to his ENT and follow up with him if it shows that Rhett is still having swallowing issues. They don't know if this is contributing to his respiratory problems.

You all know my opinion on what is causing them, but they want to dig deeper and see if they can start preventing these trips to the hospital with the respiratory issues. Which I am totally all for. Good Lord, PLEASE keep us out of the hospital for more than 40 days!!

We also are following up with his pulmonologist as well. He may be having another sleep study done.

So yeah, add that in to all of Chloee's upcoming appointments in the next two weeks and I am going to be one busy crazy lady.

So if I am not on the internet so much you know why. Remember you can also follow me on twitter if you are just dying to know what I am doing when I am out and about.

Today I am thankful for funny Dr's that make me laugh when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry.


Ann said...

Fun Doctors make everything better. The one I had in the emergency room for my appendix was hysterical. It made the time go much better and put my husband at ease because he figured he wouldn't be as funny if it was really serious.

Glad to hear you are home. You are an amazing woman!

Niksmom said...

Hooray for not only being home but for the rest of the kids being gone so you have a night of quiet sleep! SOOOO critical right now!

Please whisper in Rhett's little ear as he sleeps, "No more trips to the hospital!" from me & Nik, ok?

All 4 My Gals said...

You deserve good care my girl. HUGS to you both and many, many prayers for Rhett to feel better and for them to find answers!
Love you both!

My Three Sons said...

Well I'm glad you got some nicer medical care this time. That always makes a difference.

Your appointments sound like mine. I was so glad that we got out of the house and was looking forward to going back to work this Monday and guess what? 4 appointments in 3 days. So I will get to work on Tuesday and Friday. Then we have surgery on Monday the 24th and have to spend the night. Then another appointment on Wed the 26th. So I guess it will be after Thanksgiving. So while your going insane with all of your appointments, think of me, I'll be going insane WITH you!

As for Carey winning? I know you have several readers who also have children with special needs but look at what Chelsea had to go through just so that Carey knew that answer? More power to her winning. I was excited to see it was her. I knew as well but not because of my child being so sick. Mine was actually from school. So that is my two cents on that.

Anyways, if there is anything I can do for you guys (like if you need to forward your phone to mine so I can handle the collectors :-) ), I'm here for you. You just take care of those preciuous babies and try to get some rest. And that is an order from Dr Carson!

Ally in Wonderland said...

Don't great Dr's make for better visits! Glad to hear there was a bit of light shining through all of this turmoil! :-)

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am happy that you guys are home, where you both can get some sleep in your OWN beds!!! I hope that Rhett starts feeling better soon.

As for Chloee. I noticed you said something about her upcoming appts. I figured I missed a post, so I looked back to see what was going on with her. How scary. I too, hope if it has to be anything (which it looks like it probably is) I hope it is the first one as well. My heart goes out to you all as you have to wait for answers. My thought and prayers are with you all, as always.

Wendy's Mom said...

I am so glad that you guys are at home and I hope and pray that you do not have to go back to the hospital for a long long time. LOL!!

Good luck with all the appts and keep us posted as you can.

BTW, what is Twitter? I have never heard of it.


Mauzy said...

whoo hoo....I just am getting caught up from a week from hell at work, and am glad to read you are hom!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are home, Pam. I hope Rhett improves quickly, and does not have any further trips to the hospital anytime soon.


Ally in Wonderland said...

Come visit my blog! My latest post is about parenting a special child and I have questions for a mom just like you. I’d love any answers you have!