Sunday, November 23, 2008

So Here's a Thought....

I am going to be super busy the next few weeks trying to keep up with Chloee's and Rhett's appointments. I am already having panic attacks about how I am going to do it all. Thank heavens we are going to Thanksgiving Dinner at a reasturant with my grandma who has been in an elderly home for about a year now. (Are we breaking any laws here by not cooking?)

Seriously. I am a wreck today.

I have been trying to clean to keep my mind off of the "What ifs", and the "Honestly how much more can I take" thoughts. I think they have officially taken over me for the day and it's time to just give in, go to bed and start tomorrow as a new day.

What can I say, some days are better than others.

So since my computer time will be limited, I came up with an idea. Actually an idea that I saw on another blog, but I can't remember who.

Anyways, what it comes down to is this....We are so thankful for all of our friends that we have made on our journey. You all are amazing, and we love each and every one of you.

We want to share our friends on our blog.

If any of you have been touched by Rhett, and have fallen head over heels in love with him like we have, we want you to write to us and tell us what impact he has made on your life.

It doesn't have to be long. Just something short, maybe how you came across our blog, what you have learned from Rhett, and stuff like that. Email me your story, and we would love to put a picture with the story, so email that as well, (but only if you are comfortable with it being on our blog.) It can be you or your whole family.

I will post a story each day as they come in. Think of it as a getting to know you type of thing. If you have a blog, please include your blog address in it as well so that we can link to you.

This will help me as I will just copy the email and post it on here. Makes for some easy blog posts so that you all have something to read while I am running around the next few weeks.

Not only that but it reminds us that we are not in this alone, and the last few days I have been overwhelmed with feelings that nobody understands what we are going through, and that we are just trying to to what we can to stay afloat and survive. On our own, without help.

It's not easy.

You can email me your stories at

Tomorrow is a new day, and it's Sunday. The one day out of the week where I try to just focus on being a family and pushing all of my worries out of my head.

I like Sundays.

Today I am thankful for Hope, and Believing. With out these I don't know where I would be today.


Mrs Wibbs said...

what a great idea!! I will try and get something to you in the next couple days :o)
Enjoy this Sunday - rest, give to Jesus your 'what ifs' and 'honestly how much more can I take' : He has the answers, even if you don't get them this side of heaven. He is good...! He cares for you desperately... And believe it or not He wants the very best for you.
Big love, and hugs, and prayers for strength
Love ya

Teddybear said...

Hi, I'm Deb also know as Teddybear. And I just started to read your blog and will continue to do so. I am awed by your strength. I just learned in March '08 I have PH, it is hard as an adult I can't imagine a infant. My heart goes out to your family.

I will be praying daily for a cure for Rhett. Though he has been through alot he still has a beautiful smile, as does your whole family.

I want to say more but the words wouldn't come out - so for now I will lay your family at the feet of Jesus for a healing. Love Deb.

Chrystal said...

If it wasn't my blog you saw this on, you should come over and take a look. I did a series on perspectives in October called "In Their Own Words" and I have at least one more to post soon.