Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Super Duper Exciting!!

Guess who's kids finally, (Finally, FINALLY!!) have insurance?

We are UBER excited here!!

Just in time too. We just found out that Rhett is allergic to dairy products, hence the eczema all over his body. I swear the kid would make GREAT sand paper for someone. Anyone need any for Christmas? I'm sure he could get the job done. ;)

He is now on EleCare. So if anyone in UT needs some PediaSure, let me know and I'll find a way to get it to you. We just ordered our months supply and then they changed it today. So we have some extra to share.

Rhett also has lost quite a bit of weight so we are increasing his feeds at night.

We are also going in for ANOTHER swallow study on the 30th. Sigh. My kid is going to be radioactive soon.

Now we can get Chloee's MRI done, and her tonsils out, and Rhett can get his helmet, and Dakota can go back to his therapist, and well, Andy and I still don't have insurance so I guess my gallbladder issues will have to wait. Food has become my worst enemy the last few weeks. I hate to eat for fear of the pain that is going to come afterwards.

In other news, we may have to take all oral foods away from Rhett depending on what this swallow study shows. Again, he had fluid on his lungs consistent w/aspiration pneumonia, and we can't figure out why he keeps doing this. He is getting dark circles around his eyes, and it's been about a month since he was in the hospital with the IV antibiotics. I am just praying that IF he does go downhill again it's after Christmas.

He's had a stomach bug the last few days, and I have been buried up to my ears in poo. We are hoping that w/the food change it might help his back end issues. I thought he was okay today, but tonight the poopies have hit him again. I swear there is a green cloud sitting over our house.

I have really enjoyed all of your Christmas Tradition comments. Keep them coming!! We have some GREAT ideas for next year.

Today I am thankful for insurance. Soooo thankful for insurance!!


Colleen said...

Wonderful news on the insurance!!! That is the best Christmas gift for you this year...hopefully you and Andy will be able to get insurance for yourself soon!!

Owain's mommy said...

Woohoo for insurance!!!

Ann said...

Praise God! What awesome news. Hoping you get insurance for you and Andy soon too. One step at a time.

Mrs Wibbs said...

so so delighted for you guys!!! Wow, just in time for christmas too...
that's truly great news :D

re. Gallbladder, check out this website:

might get some good tips for trying to fight it without professional medical help?? came across the link on this blog:


DTanner said...

Pam, don't wait on your gal bladder. Kory's uncle is in a hospital in AZ. He has been for 2 months now. He went for vacation and has not made it back. He was in a coma but is now doing better. Though still not well enough to come back to Utah. He had several organs that started shutting down as well. All starting from a bad gal bladder. Who'd have thought.

Christina said...

Congrats on the insurance! That is so great.

One of our Christmas traditions is eating Christmas Eve dinner by candle light. The kids LOVE it.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's momma

Teddybear said...

So glad the insurance came in for the children. I will help pray for you and Andy to get ins. as well.

I pray that you and your family can have a Blessed Christmas and a Healthier year new. Love Deb.

Aimee said...

Glad to hear about the insurance. On the Gallbladder they took mine out a couple of years ago. However, before I actually went in for surgery, they had me on really mild food. Don't eat anything spicy and stay AWAY from cheese. The spicy thing was ok but I love cheese so that kinda sucked. Let me know if you need anything! Oh.. I will send you and email on the post you left me on my blog. ((HUGS))

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

Yeah for insurance!!! Why does Rhett need a helmet? Good luck on the swallow study... I hope that he won't need to discontinue oral foods!!!

Nathan's having a hard time gaining weight too. Is that just normal for a g-tube kid? I hope that Rhett can gain some weight soon!

Good luck with everything!


Becca said...

I'm thrilled that the kids have insurance again! This is wonderful news, indeed. I'll be hoping for the best with Rhett's swallow study...

Anonymous said...

Pediasure is lactose free!!!!

E is allergic to dairy and did just fine with Pediasure.

Djinni said...

My computer is finally working after weeks of trouble. I am excited to check on your family finally and hear gret news. I hope the new insurance doesn't give you problems with the pre-existing conditions clause. My girls and I watched the News on Fox 13 last Saturday and when we saw Rhet we all SCREAMED in unison. We LOVE Rhett and your family, I am so glad you were able to go on the Polar Express, My kids went on it before and have lasting memories. I pray for your family all of the time. I think there are many of us in our group that have entire families full of health issues. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Love, Djinni Yancey

Anonymous said...

mrs. Bird-
I am so glad that you have insurance. Hopefully you and your husband get some soon. Could you tell me more about your symptoms and what triggers them? I have been having tummy problems since august and food is often the pain in my-you-know-what that aggrevates it the most. There are other things that bug my problem too but not as bad as food. So far no one has given me any answers and all my test are normal. The story of my life. Anything that make it better or worst? my email is if there is anything that you know of that might help. I haven't had a decent meal since aug :{ and need some answers. Thank you and I hope it all works out for your kids and that chloee gets the help she needs.


little.birdy said...

I hope you get everything sorted soon, now that you have insurance! Poor Rhett. Get some more pudge on ya, cutie boy!

Carey said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you got insurance, what a relief!! It's so sad when it's such a HUGE deal just to get our kids what they NEED! Seriously I don't know what this world is coming to!

On another note, you don't have an email address for Rachel @ signing times do you? I know you guys are tight ;) I can always ask Kei, I'm sure she'd get it for me. I just had a revelation tonight. Don't want to share many details here.

Anyways, yay for insurance!!! and Merry Christmas!

Fru said...

Hi, my name is Tobi and I am a Mother, Grandmother, and teacher. I have been following Rhett’s blog for several months, along with other Children with CHD, and I found myself asking, “Why am I following these lives?”, and I think I now have the answer. I want to help. God knows you are all in my prayers everyday – several times a day. I have posted a blog entry into my blog briefly summarizing a few things I have observed while reading about these Very Special Children, and would like to use my blog as a way of spreading the word about the needs of these families and children. I have also included the CHD Awareness button on my site. My blog is not greatly visited, but I will try to do some things that will increase traffic.

I do not have money at this time to donate, but do have time, and possibly can help in some way to create graphics or something! I am a graphic artist and crafts person (former Social Worker) and could possibly do something to help out. I teach computer applications at a middle school with certifications in Art, Computer Applications/Technology and Special Education!

You may receive a lot of letters like this, but please know I am sincere in my offerings.

I am so excited that y'all were finally able to get insurance! I have been so worried about Chloee. I pray that all turns out well for her. And Rhett - I would just love to give him a big hug!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Randi said...

What a fabulous Christmas Present to have insurance for the kids!! Such a blessing. I hope you and Andy can get some soon as well.
Wishing your family a Happy and HEALTHY Christmas :-)

My Three Sons said...

Well I'm really behind here and I just wanted to say that is wonderful news about your insurance. I hope that this relieves a whole lot of stress.

I'm sorry to hear about Rhett's swallowing issues. I'm right there with you.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I'm trying to hang in there. Mine was pretty scary. Carson ingested some house hold chemical and had his first ambulance ride Friday night. Just like your household, when it rains it pours.

the RaMbLeR said...

I'm praying the swallow study goes well! Hopefully you will get some kind of explanation for the aspirating.

WooHoo... you got insurance! HUGE stress reliever right th.ere...I sure hope yours is effective soon so you can take care of yourself