Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Our tags on our Durrango have been expired since last December. Which means that we are horrible non law abiding citizens. I have been driving it around for 3 months with expired tags.

See the windshield on the passenger side had a huge crack in it, and it wouldn't pass state inspection and emissions without replacing it. By now everyone knows our financial situation has been less than desirable, so we have been saving up, knowing that it would cost a good 400.00 to get the windshield replaced, state inspection and emissions, as well as getting it registered.

So going back to the fact that I have been driving it around for 3 months without it being registered, a broken windshield, and expired tags, I literally have had police cars following right behind me and never pulled me over. I can't count how many times I have cringed as they pulled up behind me. Each time I would hold my breath just waiting to see the flashing red and blue lights turn on. But I never got pulled over.

Now. Here is the part that will make everyone roll.........We finally saved up enough money to get it done. We had the windshield replaced on Thursday, and Friday Andy takes it down to get the emissions and inspection done. He pulls off to the side of the road in front of the mechanics place because the parking lot was full. He fiddles around looking for all of the paperwork he needs, goes to open up the door, and there is a cop standing there with his hand on his gun.

Andy looks up and drops the paper work and rolls down the window. The officer asks for his licence, registration, and prof of insurance. Andy digs it all out, hands it to him, and says, "Well here is my paper work for the registration, I am just walking in to get everything taken care of."

The officer abruptly tells him that he has no proof of whether or not the vehicle is going to pass....(rolling eyes, it's a 2005. Like it's not going to pass.) So he gives Andy a fix it ticket.

Moral of the story......I must be alot cuter than Andy for all the times that I had police following me over the last three months and never got pulled over. Hee, Hee, Hee.


slutskyaschmidt said...

What's this, fundraiser # 10? Good grief. Your hubby can go get the car inspected and stuff but can't work a desk job? Hmmm...............
He can't stand the hospital, so he won't be there for you and Rhett? Wow, nothing to say to that one. Guess his problems are more important than anyone else's. I don't think you realize how saying things like this about your family doesn't create sympathy, but anger in others.
That being said, I do hope that Rhett does well in his surgery and that he will have no problems.

Megan said...

That's funny, I agree you must be cuter or something!! (:
We hope all the upcoming surgeries go well for Rhett...We've been thinking of you guys lately.

Also I tagged you in an ABC tag (it's on my page) I wasn't sure if you'd have time to do it. So no big deal.

Hope things are going well for you guys. Oh, and I am really happy that your daughter won the Disney on Ice. That is awesome!

Kaden and Ava's mommy said...

I wanted to to say something funny towards your husband's fate of getting approached by the cop but the above comment has made me a little irritated and has left me speechless. I hope you know the person and they are just joking, if not I think it is REALLY rude. Well, I want you to know that I think you guys have a wonderful family and I am always thinking and praying for you all. Amy

P.S I did not know if you knew or not, but there is a mode that you can put on for the comments where you have to look at them and approve of them before they get posted. Unfortunately you still have to see them, but at least you can stop them from being posted.

Andy Bird (Rhett's Big Daddy) said...

Comment's don't need to be blocked because someone is angry! Angry can't even explain how I feel about slutskyaschmidt comments! Walk a mile in my shoes! Every-one's shoes are different sizes for a reason. God gave us Rhett so we could watch over him, and take care of him the best we could. God also know what trails we would face. God also has sent many angles to help us on journey through life. Thank you to everyone that has supported my family (all you little angles)!

Andy Bird (Rhett's Big Daddy)

Niksmom said...

Pam, we already KNOW you're cuter than Andy! ;-) Or is it b/c you're usually driving around w/Rhett in the car? Maybe that's it! (BTW, can you fight the ticket?)

As for the ignorant comment from S...I suggest you go back through and re-read the entire blog before you start making judgements about others. Like Andy said...walk a mile in his shoes. Or those of any other parent of a child with special needs and health issues. At the very least, keep your snideness to yourself.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Wow... someone didn't listen to the "if you can't say anything nice" suggestion huh?! Sheesh.

Anyway, I think it definitely MUST be because you're cuter! LOL I would have been sweatin it big time every time I saw a cop... something tells me my cuteness would not have worked so well! haha A fix it ticket is cheap right?! I hope so!!

Andy Bird (Rhett's Big Daddy) said...

Pamela left out that I had Rhett with me. Pamela must just be flashing the cops as they drive bye.

Anonymous said...

When we lived in Jersey for a year we did not get Jersey plates until a month before we moved back here and our IN plates were expired that whole time. Terrible! Like you, I was a nervous wreck. Glad you got the window fixed. What a relief.

Sis Sarah said...

Oh so sorry about the ticket, ugggg. And how pathetic is one's life (meaning the first creep that commented) where all you have to do in life is leave mean, rude comments on other people's blogs.

Dude get a life.

Damama T said...

Andy's 'Pam the Flasher' comment cracked me up!

S's comment is one of those that lots of people may think but not say if they haven't taken time to read it all. We just have to pray that S never has to deal with such life altering issues because narrow minded, uninformed people do not usually weather hardships well.

THAT DANG COP needs to have his butt kicked! I personally would call his Sgt. and ask why you were being punished for trying to do the right thing?? GRRR! I hate arrogance worse than I hate stupidity - and he had terminal BOTH! GRRRR! ;o)