Monday, August 4, 2008

In The Mind Of A Six Year Old.......

Today Chloee has made me laugh all day. Here are some of our conversations.....

Chloee..."Spencer on Icarly is HOT!!!"

Me..."Do you even know what "Hot" means?"

Chloee..."Uh yeah, it means he is simply gorgeous!!

I decided to let that one go before I was in over my head.......

Chloee..."You can't die while I'm still little...."

Me..."Why is that?"

Chloee..."Because then you can't see me when I sing at my concerts."

I guess I was expecting a different answer, like, "Because I will miss you" or something.......

Chloee..."Mom you are in charge of Bella," (her bear)

Me..."Okay, is she gonna run away or something?"

Chloee..."I dunno, but she has been really naughty lately, I think she's turning into a teenager."

Me..."What has she been doing?"

Chloee..."Oh I dunno, just not doing good things. This morning she ate all the stuffing from my blanket."

By this time I am rolling on the floor laughing my head off.

It's a good thing I have some major comic relief around here, otherwise I might be bored out of my mind!!


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

That is hilarious!!!

Nicole said...

Oh what a cutie!

Candace said...

That is funny. Kids always seem to make us laugh. My son has a favorite toy (his blue dog) named Dog. yea I know. Anways, I guess when he gets mad at it you always know. B/c he will say to it, "Bad Dog" but if he is happy he says, "Good Dog" He likes Elmo as well and the other day we were going for a walk. well he was in his stroller with his dog and Elmo. He gives elmo to me and tells me to put him in the stroller basket. I ask why and he tells Bad Elmo. He punishing him! Keep in mind he is only 2!

Damama T said...

She is so cute. The bear is turning into a teenager? LOL! Tell her she needs right now to write down all the "bad teen" things the bear does so she'll remember not to do them when she's the teen!