Monday, September 8, 2008

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Signing Time!!!

20- The CD's are awesome to listen to in the car.

19- The DVD's are full of bright colors and it makes it easy for someone who has vision issues to see.

18- It's way fun to forget that you are an adult when you are singing, signing, and dancing with your kids to the songs.

17- Alot of the songs have an adult take to them, and you can totally relate to what Rachel is saying. (Shine, Caterpillar Dreams, Etc...)

16- The DVD's start all over again on their own so you don't have to get up out of your chair when you are loving on your little one, or if you are busy making dinner you don't have to go change disks.

15- Hopkins is only the coolest frog to ever live.

14- No matter how many times you watch the DVD's you never get sick of them because you know that your kids are learning from them.

13- Rachel has some seriously cool shoes.

12- They make some pretty cute shirts that when you put on your kids, gives you a great opening for promoting the company and telling strangers how wonderful Signing Time is.

11- Alex and Leah and Lucy are WAY cute kids.

10- Signing Time does some great charity work.

9- Rachel has written some of the cutest songs I have ever heard.

8- Using Signing Time has not only bridged the communication gap that Rhett would have had, but it has also broadened his vocabulary to amazing heights.

7- Rhett's speech therapist came today and told me that in all of her years of working with children with Down syndrome, Rhett is the most advanced child she has ever seen in the speech area. (I kid you NOT!!) I made VERY sure that she knew it was because we have been using the Signing Time products since he was 2 months old. It's never too early to start!!!

6- The earlier DVD's in the series come with CD's, so that when you first have your child you can put in the CD's as a newborn so that they will learn the songs. Then as they get a little older and are interested in the DVD's they already know the songs because you always sing them to them, and so the DVD's are really cool to them. (That's how it worked for us!!)

5- The whole staff at Signing Time actually cares about the people who buy their products, and are all just amazing.

4- Alex and Leah both have a huge heart. Alex made a Snowman door hanger at Rhett's wish party and then him and Leah gave it to Chloee. It's now one of her most prized possessions.

3- Alex and Leah are SUPER cute with little kids.

2- Rachel goes above and beyond anything that is ever expected of her. She made Rhett's dreams come true, and made what was already a magical night for our family, a night that we will NEVER forget.

1- And the number one reason we LOVE Signing Time? The pure joy that Rachel has brought to Rhett's life. There is nothing better than seeing this smile.....

Also here are some clips of the NEW Baby Signing Time CD's that are coming out!!!

Volume 3: A New Day....

Volume 4: Let's Be Friends....

Now the coolest thing about this post, is that it's a competition. If you want to win an Autographed Baby Signing Time Gift set, all you have to do is go here, and read the rules. Then Blog about why YOU love Signing Time!! That's it!!

And know that since Rhett is a VIP and will be getting the new Baby Signing Time anyways, if we win we will be sending it to one of our special friends who is in need of it.

So Go, Blog about it, let the world know how much YOU love Signing Time!!!


Anonymous said...

We LOVE Signing Time!!! I also have been given high praises by Brant's therapists about how wonderful he's doing communications wise and what a great mom I am - I just laugh and say that I made him watch TV! LOL. Signing Time Rocks!

Anonymous said...

UGH! My DD LOVES signing time, DH has the first dvd on his phone, and she watches it on his phone. I *so* wish I actually was a successful blogger, I've been trying to buy the baby set since I heard about it a few months ago, but haven't had the money (or the space on my CC).

I might have to try and start a blog just for this (not like I ever win anything anyways lol).

Thanks for sharing this though Pam


sarah said...

I really need to start a blog!! I'm just clueless on how to start! Which video would you suggest I start with for Braeden, he's 17 months old? I've got to get him started!!! Sorry your feeling so bad, extra hugs, prayers, and love coming your way!!!

Simmons Family: said...

I just checked out the baby sign videos at the library for Owen to watch. If he ever wakes up, I'll pop em' in!


Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I've never watched any of the signing time DVD's. I'm thinking that I need to get some for Ava. They sound great!!!!

little.birdy said...

I am so happy to hear that Rhett is blossoming with sign language! What a little cutie. I shall have to try and get a hold of the signing time videos to add to my SLP Arsenal.

Barbara Manatee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is so awesome to hear what a great impact signing has had with your son!

Aside from both loving ST, we have something else in common. I see you have two children with disabilities - I am actually a special ed teacher for students with Autism. :-)

I'll be sure to visit again soon!