Thursday, November 20, 2008

Swallow Study Take 2?

So we never made it up to PCMC the other day for Rhett's swallow study. He was running a low grade fever still, and he really didn't feel good after his nap so we cancelled.

Tomorrow we try again. He is looking much better, his black circles around his eyes are gone, and he is really pink again. Pink is a good color to be. I like pink.

He still has snot as thick as.....something....I dunno what but it's THICK.

I am constantly holding him down shoving saline drops up his nose and then sucking them out with the booger sucker. Even then he still is constantly choking on the secretions like crazy.

Kind of makes me wonder if his ability to make obscene amounts of secretions is adding to this pneumonia once a month thing. The only time we are ever really able to completely get him feeling good with no snot is when we are in the hospital and they have the super duper snot sucker.

Hmmm.....Maybe one of those is in our near future of new equipment that lives in our house. It sure would make life alot easier on all of us to be able to suction him really well.

The attending Dr last week was the first one to suggest it, and wanted to know if I was comfortable suctioning him at home. I figure if I can adjust oxygen, put an NG tube in, as well as a g-tube, making sure that the placement is correct on them, do daily stoma cleanings, and so many other things, I think I can handle learning how to suction with a super duper snot sucker.

I am wonder mom after all right? Pffthhhh!! I crack myself up.

Anyways, we are working on trying to figure out why all of the episodes keep happening.

Same story as always.

I tell ya between Rhett & Chloee's medical issues, and trying to get Dakota into home school, my days are absoutley full.

I do read your blogs daily, even if I don't comment. I think I might just log in and start writing the words "hi" in the comments on everyone that I visit so that you know that I am there, or something creative like "Pam was here" I dunno, I just don't have time for anything anymore.

We are always praying for Zoey, Carson, Chelsea, Kaden, Kennedy, Daxton, Ralphie, Jaxson & Elliot, Isabelle, oh and I can't forget sweet Presley too. Her, Zoey and Chelsea are all Rhett's little hotties that he likes to keep tabs on. Of course there are Rhett's little angel girls that he thinks of often too, Gabi and Ava. We are always checking up on you too.

If I have left anyone out, it's due simply to the fact that I am brain dead and that's that.

I know you all are also dying to see pictures from last night. But that's a whole different post, probably saved for tomorrow. Let's just say that we were up close and personal and it was an AWESOME night!!

That girl can SING. Her version of Paradise City? AMAZING.

I'll leave you with a little taste of the pictures to come......


Ann said...

I'm so glad that you got to go to the concert, have some fun, and unwind a little bit. You have earned every bit of it. Supermom! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a good night out last night! And I'm sure you'd be awesome at using a super duper snot sucker.

I hope you have a good night tonight, and get some much needed sleep.


My Three Sons said...

Carson and I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Have you ever experienced night terrors with Rhett? Holy cow, if I wasn't getting any sleep then, I'm certainly not now.

I will pray that the swallow test goes great for Rhett.

I'm praying for Chloee as well.

Take care Pam. YOu are a dear friend that I think of daily.

Agustina said...

Pam YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!!!!! Praying for you and your family.
{{{{hugs}}}} Agustina

Anonymous said...

Pam, I'm amazed at all that you have to deal with and still have the energy to learn new skills (super duper snot sucker). Glad you enjoyed Carrie Underwood, you deserved a night for you. Keep us updated on Rhett and Chloee's conditions. They"re in my prayers.


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am so glad that you were able to get a night out...and a fun one at that!!! Not only can the girl sing, but she is too pretty!!! I need to keep my eye out for a concert near us and go. I have heard that she is amazing to go see. I am so jealous!!!

Niksmom said...

I am soooo not even going there with you about Carrie Underwood, miss thing! (said with three snaps and an attitude head wag!) *sigh*

PINK is good! Yay!! Wish I'd known you didn't already have a super snot sucker; we just got rid of ours a little while back b/c we didn't need it. :-\

The bigger question is what's causing all fo the underlying inflammation of tissues which is what causes all the snot! I hope the swallow study gives you some answers. xo